Lockerbie bomber snuffs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by finnjim, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Are they sure? People thought Adolf shot himself in the head in the Bunker for over 60 years... :twisted: :wink:
  2. Nah, he is still alive according to sky news
  3. Who? Hitler? Surely not, he'd be like 140ish wouldn't he?
  4. Fcuk all on the BBC website about this...
  5. You don't really think sheep and dogs are the only things that have been cloned, do you? :twisted:

  6. ssssh you doltenkopfarsentotenhose!
    ich bin incognito fur die lasten 60 jahre

  7. This is what the Sun does when it makes an @rse of itself...
  8. Told you he was ill :)
  9. No,only 120.( geb. 20 Aprille 1889)