Lockerbie Bomber released and Government Responsibility

It may have been mentioned already but..........

I know the outrage bus is probably VOR through overuse but sat quietly today, I watched the lunchtime news on BBC1.

One of the main items was about ther release of Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, the 'gentleman' detained over the Lockerbie bombing.

What got me however was the announcement from No 10 that a 'strong' letter had been sent to the Libyan Government asking for a low key arrival for the released man, and they stressed that the 'decision to release him was entirely down to the Scottish Parliament'.

Is it just me or is this yet another example of how our illustrious leadership will take no responsibility for decisions made. I am quite sure that the decision made was after direction from Whitehall.

I was always taught that with Command comes Responsibility, something our leader seems quite incapable of doing.

Sorry there, had to get that off my chest. :x :x :x :x

Oh, keep the keys to the bus I am over it now.....

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