Lockerbie bomber attends pro-Gadhafi rally

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ghost_us, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Nah that must have been his zombie, cos all the scots politicos told us he was dying and we all know they never lie, do they? :-(
  2. What a disgrace this has made of the UK. Brown, Straw, Salmond and the whole shower of ******* should hang their heads in disgrace.
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  3. I think Dr Jim Swire whose 23 year old daughter was killed is happy to see Al Megrahi free.

    Al Megrahi was freed on the condition that he would not appeal against his conviction, not because he was at deaths door.

    BBC NEWS | Scotland | Lockerbie bomber 'is innocent'
  4. Sixty

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    He is. The mother of Flora Swire was also quoted on Reporting Scotland tonight as being glad to see that Megrahi was still being well cared for despite the current situation in Libya.
  5. Did Gaddafi go back on his word? I thought the oil contracts were in the UK bank until this uprising occured.

    And then to rub salt into our economic wound, we are acting like the USA's bitch in this police action.

    Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne said that 'the bill would be in the tens of millions of pounds.' The bill was £260million upto 1 month ago - estimated £1 billion cost if we are still at it in September. Chancellor of the Exchequer??!! The man holding the purse strings ffs!
  6. Brown and his crew along with Libya played wee eck(Salmond) and his sidekick like a cheap harmonica (easy to blow but the results are not pleasing to everyone).

    As a Scot I find the whole affair embarrassing.

    They managed to persuade the Scottish prison Service chief medical officer(basically a senior GP) and not a cancer expert to state in line with SPS guidelines and Scots law that megrahi had 3 months or less to live. What they failed to mention was that was because he was refusing treatment at the time.
  7. Bet he never had cancer in the first place ........ It was all a lie.

    Lying .....Our MP's are experts at it.
  8. Nope its pretty clear he had/has cancer it was the extent of the condition he had at the time that was contrived by the libyans with a wink and nudge from brown and co.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'm suprised Blair diodn't turn up as well
    After all it's only a few years since he was bezzie mates with the Col
    His fingerprints are all over this from day one
  10. Suffice to say that we(the public)were deliberately lied to by government.

    Pure proof that the government of the United Kingdom are fully prepared to lie to it's people when it suits them.

    This whole issue stinks of government corruption .

    Why is the American FBI and or CIA not investigating this matter being as this concerned the murder of some of it's citizens as well as it's lost aircraft. ?
  11. Accomplished past masters of the art.
  12. Looks like a well disguised center of command and control to me. Invoke R.1973 and drop a Paveway on the bugger.
  13. There you go corrected that for you ..
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  14. I'm poking my thread above the parapet here, but to be fair it doesn't exactly look as if Megrahi is enjoying his freedom much. Being detached from his drips and wheeled out like Comrade Brezhnev for the cameras is not the same thing as skipping gaily through the fields and blowing a raspberry at the Lockerbie association. Gadaffi has put all hands to the pump to keep Megrahi going... but I wonder if Megrahi is thanking him for the privilege.
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