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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by RLC66, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. I think that the threads that are beeing locked should be erased instead. that will prevent the build up of threads that are locked and that no one can use.
  2. I am offended by this. MODs please lock this.
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  3. why?
  4. Because he/she/it is NCO i/c Outrage Bus this week.

    I'll make sure your name is on the duty roster.
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  5. dont understand.. sorry =| if it is causing problems i apologise. it is just my opininon
  6. We're all entitled to opinions...but only after we've actually contributed to the cause. You young uns must learns that golden rule; "Ears open, mouth shut, mind clear", this advise will defo help at Pirbright.
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  7. ok then. but youre saing that you disagree? at least the threads that have been inactive for months?
  8. Never happen, as this would reduce the number of bitchfests, mongsoliloquies and sockpuppet vendettas available for cross referencing to win that Cold War warrior Vs 21st Century megaSoljer debates that spring up so regularly.
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  9. RLC I was just kidding. :-D Relax fella ;-)
  10. pmsl :-D
  11. You are very new to this, aren't you?
  12. ah ok XD, but i think it would kinda make sense. just the threads that dont have anything usefull in them.
  13. yes. so?
  14. It's all good, just watching 'things' unfold now. Enjoy, I know I will!
  15. I find that the 'locked' threads are some of the best. t's usually my first point of call.