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Discussion in 'Officers' started by ExPara, Sep 25, 2005.

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  1. Can someone (cpunk) explain why the "Can we please discuss real matters for a change!" thread had to be locked? Like much of this forum, and even this board, there was some banter and the odd comment that some (of sensitive dispositions) might find inappropriate but a couple of us had attempted to start a useful debate. Out of little acorns, mighty oaks do grow and all that.

    As for it being "A pointless, tedious and unamusing thread, which I have now locked", surely that is a very subjective view. What harm would have been done if it was allowed to run? I can't see which of the 4 moderation policies for the board were broken - that a few posts were skating close to offending No3 "Civility to All" is the worst that could be said. Even this could have been handled by removing the offending posts.

    Anyway, what was wrong with a warning, expressing what was offending the moderator and inviting us to change our ways?
  2. I thought that it was funny. Unlock it you miserable tw*ts
  3. I voted yes but only because it was the only other choice. Cpunk should have moved it to the NAAFI because it was showing some promise in the humour stakes. Bone thread for the Officers' Forum though.
  4. Gutted. I thought I might at least get ripped apart for my views, that would have been better than a locked thread. Please reconsider!
    I genuinely would be interested to see what people thought.
  5. Gutted. I thought I might at least get ripped apart for my views, that would have been better than a locked thread. Please reconsider!
    I genuinely would be interested to see what people thought.
  6. What, no fun allowed in the Officer's Mess? Sounds like the Garrison Mess in Osnatraz!
  7. Fun for sure but that one could have gone either fun or nasty so I think Cpunk was right to act the way he did. Still think it could be continued in the NAAFI (not least because it obviously attracted posters across the rank range and the service range), why not restart it there?
  8. Cpunk was wrong and so I suggest are you. Quite how we can tolerate the rather nasty "Sleeping with Soldiers " thread with input from across the same rank and service range in the Officers Forum is extraordinary. If ever there was a subject for debate in the NAAFI or better still in private this is it!

    A public Well Done to ExPara!

  9. I was surprised that cpunk left it to go as far as it did so all credit to him so I am voting yes.

    ExPara - I was writing a reply to your post when the thread was locked as you made some valuable points. Why don't you start a thread with your comments so we can answer them and still keep in line with Colonel_Crusty's sharp observation that topics in the Officer's board where becoming eroded?

  10. Agreed that something should be done there as well but deletion would be my recommendation rather than move - it is very difficult to tell whether some of those posts are genuine or tongue-in-cheek.

    Not going to get too hung up about either though, it is ARRSE after all and the mods are usually fairly tolerant. If they block a thread it's because they think they should - you can always start it again so why pick a fight about it?
  11. As someone who can remember back to the days of WOSBI, Mons and Driver / Batmen, Col Crusty seems capturing the tone and spirit of the day.

    In keeping with this historical context, I must praise CPunk for reminding us all of how autocratic, dogmatic and intolerant those "in charge" were in days of yore.

    ....Perhaps the Mods know that Coloner Crusty is in fact, a journalist, a troll or worse

    ....................a witch!!

    Mods will be telling us all to sleep with the light on next, so we don't get frightened by the dark!! ( caution filling may be hot!!)
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    ExPara, your response to the original thread was off-topic. The original poster, Colonel Crusty, had actually invited members of the forum to discuss such matters as 'hunting, shooting and fishing' together with such other humdinging subjects as dogs in the mess. If I recall correctly, this will be the third thread that Colonel Crusty has started relating to the keeping of dogs in the mess and if he would like further discussion on this somewhat limited subject, I suggest he resurrects one of his older threads.

    Well spotted; nevertheless I am here to apply my subjective judgement to the material posted in the 'Officers' forum and that is what I have done. Actually I had no objection to the discussion which you were attempting to start but in my opinion it was likely to be swamped by drivel relating to the original topic. Should you wish to restart your discussion as a separate topic, you are very welcome to do so.
  13. Apologies to all for going off topic - I was following the thread as it had developed at that point. As my soapbox rant seems to have attracted some attention, I've done as suggested and opened a separate topic at http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=391762.html#391762.

    cpunk - chapel on Sunday then bach. "Twll Din Bob...."
  14. I voted yes, for what it's worth, and agree with abacus.
  15. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator


    Moving on...