Locked Thead

WTF is going on here? Why lock the thread? Whichever moderator locked that - you are exceeding your bounds.

I am making a valid point about draconian over moderation. Can't take a structured, reasoned argument?

Fcuking pathetic. You need to look in the mirror.

It is the equivalent of taking your cricket bat home because you are out.

Grow the fcuk up.


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Guru - you must now hold the record for getting something put in the Arrsehole. That could not have been any quicker if the Mods had written it themselves straight into the Arrsehole!!!!!!!!!!!!! :headbang: :worship:
For what its worth I have posted this in the batcave.

If a thread is locked by one of us or moved can a brief explanation be made, even if its glaringly obvious why...

It generally saves an inbox full of whines from some of the punters.

I can understand how it enrages some, I just went to put a lengthy response to Scorrpy and another in the NAAFI to find it had been locked. Two PMs followed asking me why, and the response I had to send was 'Don't know mate' is a bit weak.

Can it be SOPs that if its necessary to lock a thread, be state a reason and which of us did it, that way the PMs and whines will be limited

Whilst I won't argue how some of the thread end up in the Asshole, I do agree that an explanation should be offered and posted.

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