Locked room, one bullet....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Machristo, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. His Tonyness

  2. Newton-Dung

  3. auxie

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  4. Frenchperson

  5. Stuck in a room with them four? I'd shoot myself.

  6. Being SAS trained and super special i'd use the gun like a boomerang and kill all four, then go

  1. Right. Locked room, one bullet, no prosecutions. Lets say it's a Webley .455- enough to guarantee the kill, but it's not gonna stretch to two of 'em if ones stood behind the other..... shame. Who gets it?
  2. Dun would get the round, but I might be tempted to beat some of the others to death with the pistol!

    T C
  3. This has been done before, but I can never get the Search option to find the stuff I'm looking for.

    Sod the bullet. The butt of the pistol would effect the desired result as many times as required.
  4. Put them all in a row single file?
  5. unfortunately it's a .455, not .600 Nitro Express or .50 BMG..... pity.
  6. Ive gone for top myself.
    Id slot tony first, but by the time I had set about beating the others to death, frenchperson would have drove me completely mental. Best to put myself out of my mysery.
  7. I'd shoot the lock off the door, leave, then lock the door up and leave them all to draw straws on who gets to eat who until they are all gone. They can all have a Donner party.
  8. Without wishing to offend FP or Auxie, logic suggests that this challenge demands the following approach.

    1. You conceal the Webley about your person.

    2. You, Blair, Frenchperson and Auxie will all detest Newton Dunn. Therefore, the three of gang up to kill him. Blair will inevitably be wearing that 'lucky tie' of his, borrow that and while FP, Blair and Auxie hold him down, you use the tie to asyphixiate Newton Dunn.

    3. While Blair is composing the usual (in)sincere tribute he makes when someone in the public eye (no matter how vaguely) meets their demise, and is thus not concentrating properly, the three arrsers gang up on the former PM and kill him with his own neckwear in the same fashion that Newton Dunn met his maker. Ensure you retain control of the tie.

    4. On the basis that time spent on recce & info gathering is seldom wasted, discover an area where Auxie and FP violently disagree. Having identified said area, fan the flames so that Auxie and FP come to blows. Stay out of the fight, bar offering salient points to inflame their anger towards one another. At some point, one of them will fall to the floor. If they both end up on the floor, identify which is in the less advantageous position.
    Leap into the fray and either strangle your identified victim with Blair's tie, or bash his head into the floor until expiration occurs.

    5. With the two of you left, use the Webley as a club to inflict fatal head injuries on the other arrser.

    6. Use the .455 round to blow the lock off the door Hollywood-stylee

    7. Go to pub.
  9. Archimedes you sir are a legend.

    I feel that I have found the ammunition to cause auxie and FB to start a fight over.


  10. None of the above Machristo.

    Now that you have just about exempted yourself from my honourable trade, you've escaped the bullet.

    Personally i would off Armchair Jihad the pompous walting tw@t, although finishing him with my own hands whould be much more satisfying.
  11. Obviously none of you lot have been in... "The Regiment".

    I was the 2nd gunman on the grassy knoll and the bloke on the balcony. I would vulcan death pinch them all then save the bullet for my arch enemy...

    Chuck Norris
  12. If there was any justice in this world, that would kill this thread stone dead.