Locked in angies bar (hohne)

After anouther fine night out in mic macs (bergen),my pal andy and myself decided to share a taxi back to camp.On the journey home we realised that the 5 deutse marks we had between us was not going to pay the fare, so it was decided that on arrival at the camp gates we would make a run for it!.
So on arrival at the camp i was first out of the door ,and thats when i realised i was too pissed to walk never mind run so i hid under the tank (guardroom side of the camp entrance).I could hear andy trying to plead his case as he was not as quick as me out the car door,Just as things were looking down one of the light dragoon boys who was on guard helped andy away from the taxi and told andy to run. I remember seeing andys legs run past heading away from the camp so i waited 5 mins for things to calm down between the guard and the taxi driver and i headed in that general direction. It was now about 3am so the only place that would be open was ANGIES BAR!! anybody who has been based at hohne and has visited this place will know it's a strange little setup once you get in the front door of the little shack you find that the whole of the interior is inside a big cage so although i was in the door i still had to talk myway inside this cage.
This old hag of a women approached the cage door and asked "what the f**k do you want ?) i could see andy sat on one of the large sofas with about 9 or 10 girls around him (he was the only punter all night).I pointed at andy and said i'm with him ,with that the cage opened i walked in and the cage was shut and locked behind me. Andy explained that this seedy little sh*t hole took VISA so his credit card went behind the bar and all the beers went on andys overdraft (10 dm a bottle).All the girls were very friendly(funny enough) they were all about 18 yrs old and from poland most had all their own teeth. After about an hour i could a big row at the front door The taxi driver had finished his shift and decided to pop in for his weekly dose of std,however on approaching the cage he had recognised andy and started screaming at him ,andy being as diplomatic as ever decided to try to punch him through the cage, then out came the old hag with in her hand either an old RMP wooden trunchen or something even more scary!!.Andy managed to calm the old hag down with anouther "beers alround" the old hag had a quiet chat with the taxi driver he then left quietly. The old lady then explained the driver was leaving to get the police ,she then explained that although it could take some time for the police to arrive we were actuly locked in a cage so we couldn't get out.
There was a deal on the table and that was if we payed for a girl they would let us out the back door. I( immediatly ushered the hag to the bar and told her to put 3 girls on andys card which was already behind the bar when we agreed i took the 2 prettyist girls and told andy to find anouther one as these were on me when we walked back stage there was about 5 rooms all had just a single bed and a shower, however as i was stood there with a girl on each arm the shouting started again ANDYS CARD HAD BEEN REJECTED thats when reality set in .He had a £500 overdraft which had now dissapeared the police arrived at the door the old hag was screaming at andy , andy was screaming at me for putting 3 prostitutes on his lloyds bank visa debit card and i'm trying to convince the RMP that i would never run off and not pay my taxi bill. After being carted outside by the RMP one final cockup was made.In my last ditch attempt to get away with it when the RMP asked me my surname i thought i'll make one up (jones and smith are to obvious) "my names braithwaite" it was all all going well untill he said can you spell that for me ? f**k i couldn't even spell my real name!!!
A couple of nights waitering in the sgt mess and cheque for the taxi driver meant i got very lightly :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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