Lock up ya rug rats...Gary's about!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spike7451, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So Gary Glitters free to travle the globe again..Hopefully on a C-130 & he'll get fucked outta the ramp!

    Gary Glitter: Paedophile free to travel after 3-year ban comes to an end | Mail Online
  2. I'll be in Bangkok in 49 days. I'll buy him a beer and we can hang out near the high schools.
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  3. You're fucking determined to get those grey wings aren't you Jarrod!!!
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  4. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Given his list and history of offenses his release from restrictions is without foundation of any sort. We will see him in the dock again after ruining more lives. I'm sure that at that most likely very near time the official statement will be, 'Our thoughts are with the family(ies) during these difficult and tragic times. Close investigations continue to make sure that the necessary lessons are learned." Which will make it all better, don't you know?

    Gary may Glitter, but his intellect doesn't. Perhaps his next foray into deviance will take place someplace where they deal with his ilk in a more direct and forceful nature.
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  5. They used to send the priests to Africa for re-training, whatever that means. Maybe he could do some missionary work.
  6. He probably did that in prison.
  7. More to come, so to speak.
  8. Elvis,Michael Jackson,Bill Wyman,R Kelly, Why pick on Gary?

    Edited for mongness
  9. Allegedly, he only dodged a death sentence in Vietnam by buying off his victims' families.

    I think the dropping of Gary's travel ban by the UK government is irrelevant to his ongoing quest to become the world's only paediatric gynaecologist though. The fact that we will let him out doesn't mean that other countries will let him in. He is on the sex offenders' register for life and he has to tell the police if he is going abroad. The police will then notify the country he's travelling to who will no doubt refuse him entry. IIRC, he was refused entry to 16 different countries when he was deported from Vietnam.

    Gary's not the sort to give up easily though. He was still squeezing into those shiny, glam rock trousers in the early nineties to do "70s nights" at holiday camps. I don't think he could give up on his "hobbies", even if he wanted to. There's something seriously wrong with a bloke his age having an unquenchable sex drive, let alone a drive to have sex with kids.

    That, and the fact that he repeatedly states that there's nothing wrong with what he does leads me to think that he'll be back in trouble before long.
  10. He's been stocking up.

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  11. I remember working with a fella who had tickets to see Gary in a big show, this was inbetween being arrested and the court case for kiddie porn, he was torn between not going and losing cash he paid to see him, the tight fisted cunt went in the end. Amazing what a few quid does to people concious (that and he's ex-RM!) nuff said!
  12. One thing's for sure, he won't be getting very many if any cheques from the performing rights society.
  13. Went on a cruise a few years back, in the ballroom after dinner, the young DJ put on a 70's cd, everyone got up, bopping around, 6 or 7 tracks.

    Then a Gary Glitter track....... the floor emptied in 3 seconds.

    The DJ's WTF expression had me howling with laughter.

  14. You can send him over to do the chat up patter, "You don't have a big brother for my mate over there, do you? Over 16 and hung like a donkey?"
  15. He sold off the rights IIRC just before the fan got hit and pocketed a sizeable sum.
    Met the fella once by chance and once through work. Struck me as mad as a box of frogs. Very weird chap. An assiciate of his assured me no drugs were involved he was like that all the time.