Lock The Bitch Up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Phil306, May 28, 2005.

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  1. Sounds dodgey be she is saying she recons baggage handlers put it in so She may not have carried it any distance after collection straight on the troley and off towards the green lane!!

    Fu@k er make an example of her!!

  2. The judge has found 500 defendants guilty out of the 500 drug cases he has tried so far. Indonesia's legal system seems to be that you are guilty until proven guilty.

    I'm keen to do my bit for justice. She's welcome to serve the next 20 years at my house...
  3. Excuse me if I'm teaching people to suck eggs but Western Governments mainly the USA have brought great pressure on Nations out here to crack down on drugs and then they get very upset when their own citizens are caught and convicted.
    Death is the standard penalty in this part of the world for drug dealing and this girl has got off very luck with 20 years.
    To the best of my memory and I stand to be corrected, in the 25+ years I have been comming out here there have been six to eight UK citizens caught. They has been massive protest by all the UK pressure groups on the treatment of prisoners and 'legality' of local courts and to the best of my memory every one of the convicts who where released early (Kings Pardon in Thailand) due to UK pressure have admitted back in UK that they where guilty.
    If you play abroad you play with their rules, end of story.
    If Thailand was left to its own way they would still have their opium dens, taxed by the state, but of course the nanny states could never accept that.
  4. Too right.

    Nine POUNDS of marijuana?
  5. Lennon and McCartney put it best;
    Schapelle, ma belle, have you got some decent gear to sell, my Schapelle?
    Schapelle, ma belle, go back to your overcrowded cell, my Schapelle.
  6. Unlikely, I know, but a bit of a pi55er to spend 20 years in some Indo sh1t-hole if she is innocent. And surely drugs would be cheaper in Indo - if so why the hell IMPORT from Australia? Its not as if 9lbs were for personal use...

    Testing dope for source is one of the first and foremost tests which should be done on any seizure - the Indo's refused. What about finger-printing the poly bag, either? I'd be interested to learn criminality, Indo-style, simply because it can prove something 'beyond reasonable doubt' without using forensic evidence. :?
  7. all smells a bit fishy to me, and i am not talking about her snatch, from being in an indo-jail since oct. 2004
  8. Remember the Bali bombings.
    Seems the terros thought they where killing yanks not Ausseis.
    Massive publicity about all the nice decent Aussei tourists being murdered. Not one word on how our Austrailian cousins turning Bali into the Biggest Knocking Shop in South East Asia. Not one single word never ever. Who says you don't get friendly jurnos.
    Where's all this going, well the Ausseis are throughing their wieght about in South East Asia so one must ask are they just getting payback. I doubt it, but the Aussei attitude certainly won't have helped the girls case. One of the myths on Thailand is that it is a main drug producer, well 30 years ago certainly, but now more is smuggled in then smuggled out, amphetamines beening the main product.
    Hash is very much the choice of western tourists and someone needs to provide large quanties to satisfy this Lucrative market.
    Where I live there was a big market with backpackers going treaking up in the hills to smoke opium, ( Perfectly Legal for the Hilltribe people), now no Reputable treaking company will take anyone to hilltribe villages where folks can smoke.
    I saw the girls family on CNN and their performance will not have helped the girl, innocent or guilty. The Autrailian governement attitude, nominating two QCs to help will only offend local sensibilities, as far as the Indonesians are concernnerd she has had a fair trail, just as the priest Bashier ? got and now there is talk that some baggage handlers are being investigated over Cocain back in Stralia.
    Western governments have enough problems running their own justice systems and all this open interferance will not help.
    I think the girl is guilty, or more to the point The Indoneseian police think she's guilty. She is certainly guilty of importing a mear 9 pounds of hash, for your responsible for your own baggage and she's now answering for it.
  9. I think it's great news, sick and tired of idiots claiming that an unknown 3rd party smuggled drugs into their bags.
    Stupid Aussie chav named cow, I'd have locked her family up as well for contempt of court.
  10. Don't forget that 9 Aussies recently got busted trying to bring heroin to Aust from Indonesia- they are looking at a firing squad, and this is AFTER the publicity about Corby. Over 90% of those on death row in Indon are foreigners. FFS, anyone travelling to Indonesia is given 4 warnings that the local authorities have a less than charitable attitude to this activity, including foreign affairs pamphlets when applying for a visa, and numerous posters at airports. Having said that, one of the cnuts who was found guilty of conspiracy over the Bali bombings got 2 years! The bottom line is that westerners shouldn't fcuk with the law in third world countries and expect the slap on the wrist that would happen here.
  11. 'Unwitting drugs mule'? I think she knew what was carrying but was told to act like she didn't. Where did this idea of the baggage handlers smuggling it her luggage or surfboard (according to a news report yesterday?) came from if she had no idea? The Austrailian Gov only seem to want to intervene for her to serve her sentence in her homeland - not to get the sentence quashed as a whole, perhaps that they don't believe the entire story either.

    Oh jesus no 8O that's definetly fcuked up her appeal now :D
  12. Russell Crowe! He's a kiwi ffs! Except when he wins oscars.
  13. I would lock her and her family up for being called crap names like f***ing Schapelle!
  14. Do you believe Schapelle Corby is guilty of smuggling drugs into Indonesia?

    Yes 26% 7142 votes

    No 74% 20672 votes

    cnn voteing looks good for her