Lock smiths?

I am looking in to doing a lock smiths qualification for my resetlment and was wondering if any ex serving soldiers have done the course? and is it worth going in to?

Thanks in advance
If its the one run at the RRC yes and no it isnt.

You get a cert of attendance that 'can be used to towards a qualification' and you can buy the equipment at the end of the course.

Look elsewhere, there are courses that are longer and more indepth out there, youll probably need to write a letter to your IERO as to why you want to use that provider rather than the one run by the RRC though.

Try A1 safe and secure in Hereford. My wife works for him as a clerk. He does the course primarily for resettlement and it is a two week course, one week learning the locks and windows systems and one week on the job training. look it up on the web and see for yourself!
Yeh that is one of the companies i looked at. Although there is another company called SAS and it runs a 15 day course. Is that still to little time to do enough training.

Thanks for your help.
CPLBBT, I think thats the one i was told to look in to i will have a look.

cheers mate.
well i think its enough time for it. the guys go away with all the quals they need for it and have not had a problem with it out in the world. have a look at the testimonials! and i think the A1 and SAS thing are the same company!
Yeh having a look they are the guys i was told to check out on a random drunk night some where. Thanks for your help thats spot on.
Very much appreciated Bravo_Zulu. The Anvil lot were reccomended to me. I am staying well shot of those boys!
On a point of order Mr Chairman I thought the 9/12L (who?) were CVR(T), hardly a tankie then.

And anyway you are surely Line Cav not Peoples Cav?
Ah yes luckily for me i am not a Tankie other wise i would be as useful as Chally 2 crewman. Its a name i attracted from some inf friends.
A friend of mine did the A1 course and says there is no money to be made in it hence why he is now on the circuit.
Thats what i was dreading. I have no mates who have gone down the locksmith path so i thought it might be a bit of an open market but it seems not. I have had a offer to do the circut out in afgan but it really is worst case for me.
Local locksmiths we use here have branched out into engraving, home security, alarms, etc, etc, due to lack of cash in locksmithing. Might be of use as a sideline to another trade but not on its own. Unless you combine it with cam & concealment. :)
Lol well its about the only qualification i have, well at least my ex girlfriends i stalk would appreciate my cam and concealment skills.

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