"Lock Bumping"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by California_Tanker, Feb 16, 2007.

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  1. Check your locks, lads. This is kindof disturbing. Link from US News article.


    Apparently some 90% of standard key locks can opened in a second or two by tapping them. Something to do with the tumblers being too close together.

  2. Pin tumblers maybe, five lever mortice locks no
  3. Great I'm glad you tube has now told the rest of chavpop how to break into peoples houses, watch insurance go up...........you tubes!!!!!
  4. Christ I can pick a yale lock in 90 seconds. Its not likes its hard or anything. Just fit a dead lock on the fron door.

    Still won't stop the little gets climbing in through the bathroom window wil it?
  5. That's all right, the pet alligator in the bath needs regular feeding and the people at the RSPCA have refused to give me any more cats...
  6. Anybody else think this thread was going to be about another euphamism for clam jousting?

    Just me, then...
  7. It's not quite as simple as that. You do need to make a "bump key" which has to fit the lock. If you have a Yale or a Union, that's quite easy. If you have a less standard lock this is a bit more secure.

    The problem is that mortice locks are increasingly being fitted with euro-profile lock sections that can be bumped.

    High security sections like Abloys (that work on rotating discs) or truly interactive sections like newer MTLs (where the key contains part of the lock) are immune to bumping, which like anything else might become a technique of choice for non-idiot burglars.


    1. Always lock your mortice (chubb)
    2. If you don't have a levered mortice lock (ie you have double glazed doors) consider a high security section. These are relatively cheap to buy and fit yourself - it's the keys that can be expensive.
    3.Lay an AP minefield in your hallway
  8. Glad they showed us how to do it right, the neighbours are out so i'm going to see what the've got, anyone want to place an order?
  9. I have a 5 lever mortice chubb lock as well as a Yale, both are locked when i go out, at the end of the day they will smash a window to get in if they are desperate enough.
  10. This smacks of US 'arm yourselves and the kids, the BAD GUYS can get in!!' scaremongering.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

  12. I attend a fair few burglary scenes and I've not yet encountered a picked lock. Mostly it's brute force or insecure doors/windows that are the norm.

    Although fishing keys through the letter box is becoming more regular but this is generally aimed at obtaining car keys. Y'know, you drop on the hallway table or stairs as you come in and hey presto!!
  13. The car door opener is pretty much defunct these days. Only cheap cars or old ones with electro pneumatic central locking (pre-88 Mercs for instance) are able to be opened in this way.
  14. The only person getting burgled there is anyone that buys them.

    Set one has keys to the value of roughly £1 trade or £8 retail, being sold for £85.

    Even so, Mr. Guildford Locksmiths is a total cnut for selling locksmith tools to allcomers. Not so much the bump keys, but all the other items.