Loch Alsh - - Greenpeace outrage

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Goatman, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer



    I used to go up to Loch Alsh with work from time to time....one of the reasons that a five mile long bank of commercial shellfish hasn't been eradicated there long since by commercial hoovering is that bottom dredging is ...ahem.....discouraged thereabouts....bet the sea bed off Andros Island is similarly full of rare and endangered sea critters going placidly about their business...

    Another ironic example for Greenpeace/WWF of the presence of the military having an annoyingly benign effect on the local natural environment - bit like every firing range* around the UK ;-)

    ( I have a theory that the presence of an enormous minefield in the North Sea for much of the Twentieth century was the only reason the cod and herring population persisted there until fairly recently )

    I do hope Serco haven't stopped the boat patrol...bloody Spanish/Russians/Buckie boaters will be in like Flynn....

    Of course, when Mister Salmond has his way, the RN will just have to take their much-hated foreign currency to spend in the Bahamas and that notorious tropical hell-hole Cocoa Beach,FLA instead....life is hard....

    * apart from that one I can't spell ...best not go there....[shudder]
  2. There's also the not inconsiderable inconvenience of the Port Napier wreck and the bridge doesn't make it any easier. I have bottles of India Pale ale from the wreck sat four feet away from me. Meh...I'd ban dredging unless they can come up with a sustainable plan, it kills the sea bed.
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I see...bridge hadn't opened when I was last there - but I hear the operators gave up attempting to charge the McRaes for using it ?
  4. Dunno how it is now, lapua.338 might be able to give you the gen
  5. You lucky bugger! Normally it is a boat dive or a long surface swim from the shore entry point! :-D

    So you'll also have beer and whisky from Wallachia..............?
  6. We got 70 + bottles off it and my mate got a bottle of port. Drank some and it was good, dontated the rest to Whitbread's and the club got a few barrels in return. They did a special ale at the time. Drank some stout off the Wallachia, my arse was parping like a whoopie cusion for a week and it stank to high heaven, never got any whisky.