Locations of where the RAMC are based

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by TheOriginalRocky, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, I'm joining the RAMC as a combat medical technician.

    I would like to know where the different locations the RAMC are based within the UK and commonwealth just for an additional piece of information.

    I've been looking up all over the Internet, arrse search function everything but found zero results.

    Many thanks, for your time and the passing on of your knowledge
  2. Basically everywhere the Army is.
  3. Where are they? Alles über der platz.

    The serious answer, assuming you complete training, I would imagine that you are likely to end up in either Hohne, Münster, Aldershot, Colchester or Catterick if you join one of the main Regiments. I can't remember where the Regular Field Hospitals are other than Aldershot, Gosport and York?
  4. There are only 3 regular Fd Hosps - 22 (Aldershot), 33 (Gosport) and 34 (Strensall).
  5. Closed/closing down now.

  6. Hi mate,

    Good job job choice and welcome to the corp. I am not sure how accurate I am and someone will be along to correct me but I believe the main units are 1 and 2 in Germany (due to close and return to the UK) 3 and 5 in Catterick with a offshoot Sqn in Preston and then there is 4 in Aldershot. Along with the Medical Regiments there are Field Hospitals with 22 also in Aldershot, 33 in Gosport and 34 in York. Wherever there is a infantry or a signals etc etc unit or a Garrison there are CMT's attached there, however that's said I haven't served in the mainstream RAMC for planets so I am more than likely on crack!

    This isn't supposed to be a sarcastic answer so don't take it like that however you will have plenty of time to find that kind of info out in basic trg so just concentrate in preparing yourself for training and worry about that when you pass phase one. If I could offer a little advice with regards to your posting as and when you are ready for it then it would be to go as far from mum dad and home as possibles that is unless you have family reasons to try and stay close to them otherwise you will miss out on a lot of the camaraderie and madness of the orphans of the block because you will be heading home on a Friday to do exactly what you did on the weekends before you joined up as opposed to staying in the block with the blokes with nothing planed except heading out on the pish and seeing where the night takes you! Sometimes the stuff that goes on makes the film the hangover tame!! The block is shit but awesome all at the same time, this won't make any sense yet but eventually it will. Enjoy.
  7. There is a lovely unit in Fulwood (Preston), if you wish to be away from the UK a great deal then get a posting here.

    I don't know what the bigger medic units are like but at Preston you'll have a chance to see some amazing places and some brilliant attachments

    As said above - don't take a posting near home, i did and CD05 is spot on, you'll miss out on all the fun