Location of Camp Coyote

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Japster, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Can any kind soul give me a google earth location of Camp Coyote in Kuwait? I`ve just spent the last hour looking for it , to no avail :x
  2. It was in the desert.... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. You can't see it for two reasons.

    1. The definition in that area isn't very good.
    2. My first job on deployment was to turn it back to desert.

    I'll have a look and see if I can get the coordinates.
  4. It seems that the definition is better than when I last looked.

    NW: 29 42 46.29N, 47 40 18.92E
    NE: 29 42 23.51N, 47 44 18.92E
    SE: 29 38 03.41N, 47 44 49.76E
    SW: 29 37 37.56N, 47 39 45.63E

    And the entrance was at 29 41 00.66N, 47 40 10.73E.

    These are approximate as the boundaries were never physically marked.

    The distinct north-south track was one formed by Kuwaiti contractors in mid to late 2003, after the camps had been emptied.
  5. Ta v much, I can just make out the destroyed radar dishes, really big area, how did Saddams scuds miss that?
  6. Wouldn't need to. It was a satellite tracking station, so I'm led to believe.
  7. went there twice during my remfing what a dump although i noticed 2 battalion reme seemed to do okay out of it living in the abandoned barracks
  8. Abandoned barracks? You mean the satellite station? Or are you referring to a different camp?

    Coyote was the concentration area in Kuwait to the east of kilometer post 33. The barracks in the area are a Kuwaiti one next to the south border of the camp and another one on the west side of the highway that I think was borrowed by the Spams from the Kuwaitis.
  9. I seem to remember that a REME Btn did live in part of the barracks to the south. The same place as all the vehicles went to be turned mustard yellow. Certainly carried out the Optronics function from that location
  10. Where on google earth do you put the Cords to locate something?
  11. Near the top left of the page, there are three buttons: Fly to, Local Search, Directions.
    Click on Fly to. When engaged, it turns orange.
    Enter the coordinates you want in the search box immediately below, in the format:
    29 41 00.66N, 47 40 10.73E
    (degrees, minutes and seconds, separated by spaces)
    Click on the blue search button to the right of the box and Google will transport you to that location.