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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Boatie_Bloke, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    Trying to track an evasive little sod down and get hold of their contact details to sort out a few things. Long story.

    I have tried the usual google, facebook, 192, BT phonebook, electoral roles, etc but nothing has been forthcoming so far. All contact details I have for them have changed now it seems.

    Any ideas please? Anyone used a tracking agency or similar and can offer some advice? Anyone do a bit of freelancing?


  2. Pipl - People Search

    Try that. Why no luck on facebook? Is it probable they don't have an account or too many results? Try and refine by location if you have it, or even mutual friends.
  3. Boatie if no luck there on websites- try to get yourself on a military tracking course, normally in SE Asia.

    You may have to go through 6 months of basic training first and couple tours of afghan under your belt and get promoted or alternatively pay a fortune for PI or trained tracker, they help the civ bill in high profile cases. Just an alternative view....
  4. 6 Years and thats your first post? :excited:
  5. I can find the feckers account on facebook, but it hasn't been used by them for a while and getting no response. Any contact details on there (or other sites) are either old and irrelevant or no longer in use. No mutual friends, and we're not mates either but the courts are so picky about using correct contact details.
  6. Basic - tick
    Afghan - tick
    Promotion - tick
    Chance of getting on a gucci course in SE Asia? I've got more chance of getting a posting I actually want!!!!

    I know I'm most likely going to have to use someone along the lines of a PI or tracker, just trying to get any info from anyone who has used any of them before and whether it will be worth it with the limited details I do have for them? Cheers mate.
  7. I'm on a roll, don't stop me now!!!!
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  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    most libraries have the voting register available for you to look at . If you know roughly where the miscreant lives you might get lucky. 80% of people who move or "skip" only move about 5 to 8 miles away from their last location. . If you ask a tracing agency the costs can vary so ask for a quote first . have a look at the Institute of Credit management website to point you in the right direction. I have been out of the game for 10 years so cant offer more practical help sorry .
  9. If this is for a civil case and the person you are seeking is being deliberately evasive a judge will ordinarily accept 'last known address' or known relatives. If they do not turn up to defend themselves you can ordinarily secure a judgement in default and seek to enforce it (and full costs for tracking said person down) afterward.
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  10. @ sirbhp
    Thanks for the help, will have a look and see what I can find.

    @ pyianno
    Not a civil case but rather family law. The courts won't accept last known address as they are more stringent (I also know he isn't there) and unfortunately claiming money back isn't a consideration. Thanks for the advice though.
  11. How about you just name this person and give us all known details, just in case we know him?

    Or, just in case he's a good mate and top bloke who you want to harass, so we can tip him the wink.

    Or, maybe you are a nasty drug dealer type after blowing his legs off?

    So, give us all his details and let us decide his future...

  12. Not guilty, your honour!! But what if you don't know him, but because you have his details now, you decide to give him some hassle? Not trying to be rude or difficult, just viewing from both sides of the fence. End of day, I not trying to out a walt or form a lynch-mod, just after advice.

    I only want to pass some information on to him about his kids. If I was a nasty drug dealer, I'm sure I'd have either the money or the contacts to sort any dramas schnel-mackt. I certainly wouldnt be here on ARRSE asking advice.

    If anything, he's the nasty drug dealer type and he certainly doesn't like squads. (Apparently we can look bad in the newspapers and upset civilians at their breakfast)
  13. In a previous MoD post I used to have to track people down quite often and I used these people: Surrey UK Private Investigators, UK Private Detectives, Surrey Private Detectives, Euro-Tec UK Investigations, Surrey Euro-Tec Investigation Service Egham, Detectives Agencies, Surrey UK Process Servers, Paralegal
  14. Depends on how important/much it's worth. I had to track down my wife, whose location I only vaguely knew (Which part of The UK). Switched on an agency and they found her in 3 days, sent me her address and an invoice for 75squid. Well worth the money, now I'm divorced and free. :)
  15. Things have changed a lot, they have cracked down on who can look at the electoral role due to a few high profile stalking/murder cases.

    There are two versions, the full version which you can only view your details (supervised) at your local council offices (you won't see this version anywhere else), the edited version is sold on to people like 192.com but anyone with any sense will have their details taken off it. See your local authority website under electoral role.