Locaters. are they still about?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by H.P.Flashman, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. Forgive my ignorance, has been over 15 yrs since i left, but are there still Locating Battery's in the Arty these days?, as a former member of 156 Locating Battery,(94 Locating Regt, now disbanded i fear.) I remember Q Bty with 32 Hvy,57 Bty with 39 Hvy,(maybe wrong way round,or knowing me completely wrong!)and 22 Bty as well as 73 Mortar Locating Bty with us in 94,when the regt moved to England,prior to this all were together i think in Celle. Having worked as a Dronie and later in the Met Troop,was wondering iif Phoenix finally replaced the drones,whether AMETS was still in use,as well as Sound Ranging,Survey etc.
  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    5th Regt with Mamba / Cobra / ASP
    32 with Phoenix.

    Think some of 39 have converted to STA are are currently playing in the sand pit.

    Reserves generally come from 101.


  3. Ahhh!! The old Mamba/ Cobra/ ASP ploy ! Excellant.

    Wat are they, and are they any good.!
    pics would help.
    Cheers jmj

  4. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Mamba / Cobra are weapon locating radar (Mamba's mounted on a BV206, Cobra on a Drops sized platform i think)
    ASP is sound ranging.
    Not sure what the fetish with snakes is all about personally.

    pics here
  5. Well done j, good link.
    I remember it used to 5th Hvy Regt,in Dortmund.now its just 5 Regt.(no guns,bet their pleased!)
    Not sure about the Mamba thing, Ann Summers flog them as well,but it doesnt have tracks,or need 4 people to use it!

    Do you know if 156 Inkerman Battery still exists?

  6. I am sure Wellyhead can shed lots of light about 156. On the ReRole of 94 Loc Regt RA/32 Regt RA (1993) a few locators came over to 22 Bty, then 156 reroled as a HQ Bty with the AMF(L). Then went over to 19 Regt RA and then into suspended animation. I think thats right.......

    AML(L) was chopped a few years back................
  7. Well 32 regt is now a locating Regiment with 22 Bty (Iraq), 42 Bty(Nrf),57 Bty (back from iraq) using phoenix and 18 Bty(prep for afghanistan) using desert hawk.
  8. This I am afraid is so true

    The old 156 disbanded in all but name in 93, all of the glorious shiitehawks had the misfortune (sorry BP :wink: ) to join those 22 bunch which was already swelled with many from the shiny Q, (I like BPs claim of "a few Locators" at the time half the bty was 156 and 22 probably accounted for 50% of the regt manpower, one of the funniest sights I remember was when 22 joined the rest of 32 on the parade square and we swarmed down on them like bloody zulus) funny thing was we brought all (less 3 bods) our man power and all our equipment, namely the tracked beasts opposed to 22's scabby series III's and was all but in name the old Battery, unfortunatly seniority takes precedence over role and 22 stayed whilst the ungratefull bunch in the AMF nicked our name and silver (oh and 22 bks BTW) This existance was shortlived however and about a couple of years later 156 was offically put back into suspended animation.

    The joke was Options for Change resulted in the loss of the only Locating Regt, half the loc Btys and the Mor Loc Bty

    NOW its a complete circle with TWO "Locating" Regts, all the radar punters and sound bangers went north to join 5 Regt whilst the dronies stayed back to crash phoenix, orignally as 22/32 and 57/39, but now 57 has joined 32, 18 Bty lost its rocket launchers and got launchers of a different type and now 42 has rocked up to play with model aircraft, all based in sunny Larkhill


    Proud member of 156/94 Feb 88-Jul 93
  9. Reading the footnote to wellyheads note,looks like we must have served in 156 together,i myself from 1986-90.
    Did you partake in the thrilling tour of N.I.,and if so can you remember the look on the pads faces when we were told on 22Bty parade square/car park.........................total shock and fear,.....priceless!
    Going back to the point,started in H Troop, then pushed to I Troop.

  10. <<73/94 1985-1990, Happy Days
  11. Wellyhead

    I well remember the 22 bty rush when joining 32, I also remember feeling quite the tw@t at the time,everything seemed to go downhill from that moment.

    Ahh happy days.
  12. I too was part of the rush down to the Parade Square to join 32 Regiment.

    Contrast the final parade that 94 Regiment had when the RSM was politely invited to "Sing! Sing! or show us your ring!" and he dropped his tropicals and got his ARRSE out.

    'G' Troop 156 (Inkerman) Battery RA 1991-1993
    'C' Troop 22 (Gibraltar 1779-1793) Battery RA 1993-1998

    Did two tours of NI. First was July 92 to Jan 93 with 156 Battery - Three months in Bessbrook Mill, then transferred to Belfast, mid tour. Great time had at Donegal Pass in the centre of Belfast when there seemed to be an incident every night...

    Then, after being back from NI for some eight months, we were disbanded, dumped into 32 Regiment and immediately warned for Northern Ireland. Again.

    Spent six months in Aughnacloy, but had to go through all that NITAT stuff again.

    Still, happy days...
  13. AMF (L)

    I hoped I would never see those letters again

    The Amesbury Muppet Force

    *****rs all
  14. I remember 22 Bty being independent, those were the days.