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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by newlynpirate, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. hello..
    if someone held local senior rank for a given amount of time, is it to be made acting after a certain time?
  2. Not necessarily.
  3. Short answer.... No
  4. if the time frame was 2 years..
  5. Still No..... Acting Rank will be given by a board
  6. No, I'm sure there's no way its garunteed regardless of time frame. To get acting you should meet plenty of qualification criteria, usually that for substantive promotion, so the fact of local rank even over long periods shouldn't somehow garuntee acting or indeed substantive rank.
  7. No I know a few people who held local Sgt for over a year then MCM posted them as Cpl's. One medic held his for two years and posted as a Cpl and totally fcuked his promotion up. Obviosly severe management issues if some one is doing a job as a Sgt they should be treated better and the acting and substansive should follow soon after.
  8. cheers guys. IRON I agree...It seems they are good to fill the post and the its thanks and Fcuk off.......
  9. Local Rank should be limited to a max of 6 months
  10. 6 months,is that official?
  11. No, but it's a very worthy aim.

    Unless, of course, you happen to be in the Local Rank at the six month mark and there is still a need for that slot to be filled - in which case you'd suddenly become subordinate to the bloke who minutes earlier had been your subordinate.
  12. I'm sure I was told when I was a youngster that if acting/local/pay of higher rank was granted, then after 6 months in the job you were either promoted or moved on in your substansive rank. Is this not the case?
  13. No like I said have known plenty who went past 1-2 years then still never got promoted.
  14. Certainly should be if you are acting, but not POHR or local.

    Example: lad in my last unit volenteered to work in the families office, so was subsquently given local Sgt status.

    Came to loads of mess functions etc,etc.

    18 Months later has just been posted to another unit on the same camp as a full screw.

    Embarrasing? Absofcukingloutly.

    Edited for mongness
  15. Wasn't when I did it for a little over 12 months (local Sgt with pay of higher rank).