Local shop to high school!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woodandy3, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Bonjour!!

    Child number 1 (ELDEST)

    has come home in a sulky mood went upstairs still sulking!!
    just realised if i had the chance to beat it out of her i would have known!!!

    anyway it goes like this!

    local shop that she walks into and trys to buy a soft drink!!??

    not that easy ! local shop waller(owner) proceeds to break daughter down bit by bit (she is a thief and all kinds)!!

    1. she is in there by herself
    2. she tries to pay for said drink
    3. he shouts at her and her type(his words)!! while trying to pay!

    dont get me wrong i know how us squaddies work and that! but im on the verge of going down and supplying a free of charge shop watch !!
    thats a lie! im on the verge of being in the local news!!
  2. I'd wait until the bottle of toilet duck has worked it's way out of your system before heading down the local shop.

    I'd take your keyboard back to the shop you bought it from in the morning too, yours seems to missing capital letters and has way too many exclamation marks.
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  3. Wait until you have sobered up and ask to see his CCTV in case your little princess is talking bollocks and has been robbing cans of cider from him for months
  4. If you're down there now, can we get to see the CCTV from the time you get to the shop to the time you're knocked out by the little bloke behind the counter and peelers come and cart you off?
  5. Fucking lay off the Windowlene!
  6. ok them !! marks aside!

    what do i do on a good day!??

    excuse the punctuation police!

  7. said princess "will never ever touch that stuff !!
  8. now that i would love to see!!
  9. Ask your daughter why she disrespects you so much that she tells you that complete load of shite.

    Then finger her anus until she prolapses.

  10. just realised its you!!!!! even the french dont like you !!! blurrrrghhhh!!!
  11. even though she is 11 that made me lol!!
  12. I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
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  13. anyhoo back to the original question !!! should i or not!!?

    go mental!! at the shop!!!? or leave it !??
  14. Is the shop owner of the Indian sub-continent persuasion?
  15. fook mee !! forget that!! he sold his username!!