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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jack-flash, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Do any of you know of any running clubs in the kiveton Park area? OR do any of you run in that area? I need to staqrt running and could do with a boot up my arse occasionally so any help would be appreciated. lol
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. No mate. Not paying 25 quid a month so I can do sit ups in a park that my council tax pays for. My gym membership in an air conditioned gym wasn't much more than that. Bit over priced if you ask me. I am looking for a few peeps to go running with. Did an internet search and only found that British military fitness thing. Not interested in that so I asked the question on here like.
  4. If you can make your way to Swallownest/Aston area theres a large wooded area with a lake that has a 2 mile circuit around it.

    Mixed in with all the tracks and trails in the woods I can easily run around it all and get a good 6 miles in, if I need to extend it by some more I just run around the lake circuit.

    Good for tabs and runs!
  5. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    You could also try www.southyorkshireorienteers.org.uk Many orienteering clubs have groups that meet up to run during the week. Plus running round woods with a map is usually more interesting than alternatives.
  6. Just had a look at that orienteering site, the one their running on the 5th of October is the woods I've mentioned above!

    I'd planned to go for a run that day aswell!
  7. Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. Might have to give that a try. Thanks fellas.
  8. UK Athletics has a club finder feature here

    Good luck
  9. copepod

    copepod Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Let us know how it goes. If it's your first orienteering race, then let the registration people know so that they can suggest the right course for you. Worth taking a clear plastic bag for the map, which you can keep for future runs.