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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hullboy, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have the link to the form for Local Rank? Tried looking on MS web, Armynet and dii. Cannot find it.
    Cheers in advance

  2. This is normally done by letter - CO to Bde Comd.

  3. Absouloutly, Local Rank can only be granted by a Bde Comd, and the rank only applies to the Bde in which you are serving, and as PW states, it is done by request letter from the CO to the Bde Comd, no set proforma required.

    Some units are under the mistaken impression that the CO can grant Local Rank, this is not the case, it has to be granted by Bde Comd or equivalent and only for prestiege purposes/employment related issues, it is unpaid and unpensioniable.

    Sorry for my spelling and grammer etc, it's a tad late.
  4. And why would you want it?
  5. Yep, quite right, see my post, unpaid and it does not attract any pension benefits, what's the point, unless you are working in a non rank ranged post and you are expected to take the senior role in that post, however, your boss is still in post and SUPA or Acting rank is not availiable.

    Bend Over, oh here is another tape, well done.
  6. Although it may be good for your SJAR lol.
  8. It was a little while back, however, I was granted local rank in the FI to enable me to do my job.

    Not by choice, however my unit had done a couple of tours and decide my boss didn’t need to deploy. The CRABS decided differently and rather than move my boss 8000 miles I was given the rank.

    I was more than capable of performing the task in the rank I was in, however due to CRAB politics I needed to be promoted, therefore, in my experience there are circumstances where throwing an extra tape on has benefits to get the job done

    That answer doesn’t help in the slightest though does it :D :D :D
  9. Not really, but heh ho, crack on.

    (if you want to).
  10. I've written a letter to our regional brigade G1 wallah and had the local rank granted for some guys before. Pretty straightforwards really. We needed it to allow full screws to instruct on PDT as Local Sgts for a period of time, it also allowed them to stay in the Mess rather than the pump transit accommodation.
  11. Local rank is the first stage of a mismanaged career, especially when they take it off you (despite promises to the contrary). Everyone thinks you've been busted!!
  12. It depends how it used. If it is a temporary measure, recognised by both parties there is nothing wrong with it.
  13. its a ffuckin con...trust me....been there got the tapes on the t shirt....then didnt .......promised the earth, was given some earth at the end...wwankers
  14. There's a distinct smell of Sour Grapes in this topic.
    Attitude of some makes me wonder how they were ever considered for local rank in the first place.
    For the others, local rank can provide you with the opportunity to show you can perform in the higher rank. Just my opinion.
    Clarification: Are these still the conditions?
    Local Rank = Unpaid
    Acting Rank = Paid following a qualifying period of 35 days unpaid.
  15. Not from me Paddy.

    I have just seen some blokes get fcuked over with it.

    A year with local rank and then just hand it back when the CoC decide :x

    I did see one instance where it brought a throbber back down with a bump :D