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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by jakeblues68, May 11, 2005.

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  1. Hope someone can help as I am getting conflicting info from my AGC det.

    What are the regs for local rank? Can it be given "locally"? ie by the Cheesy Onion or must it be granted through Div?

    Am I right in my understanding that POHR stops if Local Rank is given?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. First off, why is local rank being given? It does, or should not attract the pay as well.
  3. Strictly, Local Rank can only be authorized by a 1* (local Bde HQ or equivalent), but in practice I've never known an application to be rejected and a call to the DCOS usually suffices.

  4. Local rank is often given for a short time, ie a course - you don't get paid for it. Acting rank and POHR is given when you are doing the job of the next rank up. Speak to your OC, who should (if you're eligible) request that the CO grant Acting or pohr. You can get it for up to 6 months, after that, authority to continue should come from MCM - I think. Hope it helps.
  5. Many thanks guys :)
  6. Local rank is for doing a job that requires you to wear tha rank. You will only get paid for it if the LSN of your unit allows it. Every job in the army has an LSN wich can be found in your unit 8005 (Ask the Docs Spvr). The chances are that someone else is taking your LSN i.e. they were promoted Sub but not actualy doing that job i.e MT or Mess Supvr etc thus not allowing you the space in teh LSN to do your job and get paid for it.

    This also boils down to your Adjt by att personnel to other units but they stay in your unit strength as Phantom Pl or Black economy.

    They are effectivley being paid your wages for doing a bucksee job at a TA unit etc.

    If the Adjt got his arse in gear and posted them, they would come off the unit strength and allow you to fill that LSN. If your unit is filling a lot of LSNs with local ranks its because you have a crap Adjt that can't be bothered to do his job.

    (Yes I am a Docs Supvr that works for a crap Adjt and wipes his arse for him, constantly reminding him of the above so you guys can get your sub).
  7. Ballbuster - I'm sure the Adjt is saying that he has a crap Docs Supervisor too because a number of your facts are either incorrect or ill informed.

    The Adjt can only request APC to post someone from the unit strength if the unit the individual is going to has an LSN for that individual to go into. By the nature of 'black economy' posts these LSNs are invariably not available. Whilst you may regard the black economy post as 'buckshee' they are often pretty essential posts such as recruiting/training teams etc.

    Local Rank should be authorised by the 1* and as Ideas Factory states very rarely is an authorisation refused.

    POHR is no longer - Substitution Pay is what replaced it and it can be paid without the need for a LSN for the individual, the authorisation is granted by the CO. Whilst this authorisation is only granted for 6 months it can be extended on authorisation of Higher Formation.

    (Yes - I am someone who has to continually kick the ar*e of a Docs Supervisor who always thinks that he knows better).
  8. :roll:

    The 7005 became known as the 8005 quite recently.
  9. f*cking hell. thats him told then! :)
  10. Fascinating G1 stuff. Does substitution pay supercede Locally Leased Camel Rental Allowance if there is an R in the month, or do you continue to draw Gruel Subsidy until higher formations authorise an ex-gratia payment of Slug Money?
  11. Or more likely Army/National athletes, Army Liason Teams, RHQ Posts (ie, regt museum), GOCs Driver etc....with all the best will in the world, you ain't gonna get the bulk of black economy posts back. Grey economy posts, eg COs dvrs, provo, additional QMs staff etc are an internal unit issue...that is up to the OCs / Adjt to sort out.