Local Houses for Local People - Royston Vasey for real

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by far2young2die, Jan 19, 2005.

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  1. dOES NOT GO FAR ENOUGH INMY OPIONION????????????? Local houses for local people no illegals please

  2. Shit, I used to be local but then I moved..looks like I wont be moving back!
  3. The headline is slightly misleading. The houses will not just be for locals, but also for what the Govt considers 'key workers'. So, far from North Yorkshire people who can't afford to live in their home county (i.e. me) being allowed to buy, the place will become full of Phillipino nurses, lefty teachers and various other undesirables. Bizarrely, in a mainly agricultural area, farmworkers (who are amongst the lowest paid), are not considered key workers. Ah, of course. I should have realised - it's the country, and the Islington chapagne socialists know feck all about it, other than that it's a Bad Thing, and should be banned.

    *retires to Mess, p1ss boiling....*
  4. Agent smith says (with an unaturally turned up nose 8O )

    Your not from round here, are you?
  5. Will be OK as long as they don't touch the pretty things!!
  6. Erm... not sure you would find many agreeing that nurses and teachers are undesirable or inessential - presumably it is their Filipino-ness or lefty-ness that irks you?

    Agreed, it's tough on the farm workers. It's hard to know where to draw the line, though - most jobs are essential aren't they really, leaving aside the odd parasite. There is the economic side - if it is an agricultural area then agricultural workers really need to be getting paid enough to live there, or their employers need to find another solution (tied cotgaes anyone?), or soon enough it won't be an agricultural area anymore. On the other hand, teachers and nurses are needed everywhere and I guess it's just tough sh*t if they read the Guardian and/or their English isn't so hot :lol:
  7. Personally, being a bit of a Marxist at heart I'm all in favour. (oddly enough I didn't mention that on PV) And I can say that with a clear conscience, as I vetoed the ex Mrs Toppers plan to buy a holiday cottage.
    Professional dinkys (as we were) from Surrey, buying up the dwindling property stock in rural areas, has an enormous impact on the dynamics of the local community. Needless to say, I spent several nights in my LUP (guest suite - :oops: dont say it, I already know! :D )
  8. I was highlighting the fact that the 'key workers' are unlikely to be local. It is the way in which these people will be planted in the rural environment, to which they generally contribute nothing, commuting to work in the cities and buying imported processed food in supermarkets. This what already happens with the townies whose purchases of rural properties have made the houses unaffordable for locals in the first place. Some of them don't even hunt! As for nurses (imported or otherwise), why not just buy back the old nurses' homes the NHS were so keen to be rid of a few years ago.

    It could be argued that teachers and nurses could also have tied accommodation (as they often used to have). Far better, however, to remove the parasites amongst them - the regiments of nurses who are not involved in looking after patients, and the teachers of meeja studies and other worthless drivel. Turn the hounds on 'em, I say!
  9. *regiments of nurses who are not involved in looking after patients*

    Which ones? WTF?

    Regarding the Dales, now we've banned white settlers all we need are RPGs and we'll be on our way to Independence in weeks (via Lancashire, of course)
  10. Well, they'll be local if you can get them locally I guess!

    Not sure how many people will want to live in "homes", mind - the only time I got myself back with a nurse I thought the place was pretty grim.

    Wasn't too impressed with the work ethic of the nurses last time I was in A&E either... but don't know how typical this is
  11. There are lots of them in the NHS. They are the ones who move from nursing to admin, or have spurious jobs with titles including the words 'co-ordinator', 'liaison', 'outreach', 'facilitator' and so on. The one thing they have in common is that they don't provide nursing care to patients; indeed, it is often difficult to know exactly what they actually do for their £42k. Take a look at Nursing Times website, or the Grauniad job section on a Wednesday for plenty of examples.

    Incidentally, the drop-out rate from nurse training is around 40%, so the return on investment is not particularly good.

    Clownbasher - Nursing homes are one thing - but many large hospitals in the past actually provided MQ type accom for their staff. Most were sold to private companies a la Annington.

  12. Hey Im there just release the battle whippets ,I will know thou calleth me up