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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by rgjbloke, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. A friend of mine recently applied for a job with a Council as a housing benefits case worker and wasn't offered an interview. There were seven vacancies apparently. He is very experienced and has worked for several authorities over the last ten years. He's a bit miffed about it because it turns out from a conversation he had with someone who works there that one of the successful applicants had very little experience and will need significant training to do the job.

    I'm aware that local authorities as statutory creatures have certain rules that they must adhere to when recruiting staff. These relate to interviewing staff and appointing on merit using stuff like qualifications, experience and other usually specific things like references and so on. Does anybody know where these and other criteria are laid down in statute so he can have a look and see if he has been treated fairly.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.
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  2. His best bet is to (politely) e-mail them and ask for feedback on why he wasnt shortlisted for interview. I've just had a similar experience where I applied for the same job I do now with a local council and didnt make it though the sift.

    Their reasoning was that they didnt see my Mechanical Engineering degree and 5 years working in building services as equivalent to the Building services degree they had specified in the job spec.

    This lead me to the conclusion that the peons who do the initial sift are not the people who will eventually sit on the interview board, will have limited or no knowledge of job fields outside their own and no knowledge of equivalent quals. They therefore apply the slection criteria they are given rigidly and with little thought.

    Theres also the school of thought that most council job specs are written with a particular person or persons in mind and are only advertised externally because they have to be.
  3. The council where i work have put several blokes through their HGV but won`t let them drive the freighters ..cos they have not got any experiece......HR do not even know what a PCV/PSV licence is;local authority management imo do not have a clue,they have no man management skills, are rather narrow minded and arrogant in their mindset.
  4. I think you'll find that that is quite common across the board - not just in the civil service.

    I've been a technical author for 30 years and have gained a lot of experience in many different industry segments.

    Five years ago, I was turned down for a job because I only had 2 "A" levels, not 3. The recruitment consultant who was trying to get me an interview with this company pointed out that my experience more than compensated for the lack of an "A" level. However, she was overruled by the HR clerk who was doing the sifting and who was just following orders. The consultant told me that the clerk "sounded like he was just out of school".