Local Girl Does Well

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by western, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Always nice to see ex Corps members doing well:

    A former colleague said: "She was one of two full-time BAA staff working on loss prevention at the World Duty Free stores to minimise theft by staff or passengers.

    "This involved her working undercover on the shop floor, monitoring CCTV cameras and supervising agency staff."

    Ms Boote later transferred to the small team helping oversee security of a duty-free bonded warehouse off the airport complex, where her boss was a former military police major.

    Yesterday, BAA refused to give a full breakdown of her career path but confirmed that after six years Miss Boote had risen to the post of head of airport security at Heathrow.

    The Mail on Sunday understands that she was given the job by Heathrow's former managing director in late 2005.

    Her rapid rise surprised other aviation security experts.

  2. I think the fact that she is sharing a house and life with the managing director of Heathrow has more to do with her rapid rise through the ranks. 8)

    I can't say i'm surprised, the tone of the article is all but saying that it's a fix, i think that the managing director who is already having a bad time after the terminal 5 disaster didn't want to see this in the papers, maybe someone who wants his job is friendly with the reporter!
  3. Every reporter in the land will be digging the dirt around Heathrow, after all there aren't that many fresh headlines.
  4. To be fair i've not heard of any real security cock ups at heathrow, and as always it's about your team, not the head of the team, so as long as she has a good team with the relevant experience and know how then who really cares. Then again as i said it looks like a hatchet job on the couple.

    Her past is also being brought up with the way she left the army and sued for sex discrimination, which again will cause a bit of uproar from the readers, overall it's a decent enough hatchet job, but todays news is tomorrows chip wrappers, so nothing more will happen.
  5. Which in my view confirms the quality of RMP NCOs! :D
  6. Thank god she isnt the manager of Terminal 5's baggage department!
  7. No, there is some RLC chap in charge of that.... and he didn't sleep to the top :p
  8. The article is dripping with snobbishnes - as if the reporter cannot believe some squaddie from the army can do well in the civilian world. The thrust of the article of course, is that she is only where she is because she slept with the big boss at BAA and that she, being an ex-soldier would otherwise be too thick to make it.

    What is the point of the article? The reporter seem surprised at how the civilian world operates IE luck, connections, ability.
  9. Seems (accordring to the article) she only got to her present position by sleeping with the boss and by having an ex-RMP Major in her maagment at one point.

    I feel the only digging around this story should be around the journo who wrote it, and its ´"sources".

    I feel that would make for an interesting article also.
  10. Having read the article, I'm surprised the editor gave it a go ahead! It's nothing but bile! Then again it is the fooking Mail...
  11. Removed by author on religious grounds . . .
  12. just shows even army coppers can do climb the ladder (via the sack)
  13. It's not what you know but who you know..
    Seriously, is there any suggestion she is incompetent in her present position? The way she achieved her position may or may not be dodgy but I don't think it can be proven either way. Good luck to her I say.
    Incidentally, if anyone knows of any female executives in need of a relationship and with the gift of a decent job in their pocket, please let me know.
  14. Removed by author on religious grounds
  15. Having worked with Donna, Yes she may be a gobby so and so who took no prisoners but I'm sorry the tone of the article has absolutely no relationship with things called facts.

    Donna always worked hard when I knew her. I haven't seen her in about ten years, but so what. I hope she has got where she is on her own merit, and in the absence of any facts to the contrary I am happy to believe this is so.

    What a rack as well. :D