Local Flying Time Suffolk - East Anglia

I maybe going about this completely the wrong way and I am aware that rotary wing aircraft and fixed wing aircraft have little in common other than they both fly, but it's not outside the realms of possibility that some of you Wattisham based pilots might occassionally keep up your flying hours in light fixed wing aircraft. To that end and not being a pilot myself, but at the same time maintaining more than a passing interest, I wondered about the possibility of perhaps sharing the cost of your local charters in return for a birds eye veiw of the surrounding area. You have control.


Slidex said:
Spotted you two - Humpty Dumpty wanabe and some pr1ck who can't hold his beer. Are you two sh@gging each other?
Nice retort but not the best way to blag a cabby IMHO. :roll:

(Use google earth to get a birds eye view of the surrounding area. Its free and safer).

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