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Are Army Headquarters Staff Running Amok?

Monday, 23 October 2017

Dear Editor,

I am a self employed person my choice I know, I travel quite a bit from Monxton through to Andover on a regular basis.

When passing through from the village and on into Andover you pass the military headquarters and I can't help but notice there always seems to be an enormous amount of staff out jogging, do they actually do any work these people, I am curious to know?

It's hard enough being self employed no sick pay no holidays unless you take unpaid leave no index linked pension and more than the average paid holidays, I bet they milk there sick scheme, you also notice if you look into the grounds car park the amount of boats and caravans that are parked up, with no charge I am sure, I may apply for a job there I have no qualifications to mention but I can run all day.


Mr L.Simmonds

(On behalf of all the hard-working self employed people who pay tax for these guys to swan about )

Are Army Headquarters Staff Running Amok?
Well done for copy pasting an article from a joke news site *slow claps*
You could tell it was fake when he insinuated people at Andover were doing some form of fitness.