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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SgtMuckySandshoes, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Just had 4 older generation type folk at my door asking me to vote for them in the next local elections, I asked who do you represent they told me Bliar! so after regulating my breathing I let rip with 101 questions to confirm what they would do for me and by bretheren and how they would honour the fallen and what they would do to ensure exellence in treatment for injured soldiers and on and on I went...

    I was told I probably should not vote for them as they could not give me a decent answer to any of my questions!!!!

    Should I vote for these honest people?
  2. NO! Vote for someone who can say YES to all your concerns. Problem is that all the other parties blow hot about these issues but if in power would they change anything?
  3. I forgot about the elections. I'll put a big picture of b liar in the window with 'CNUT' written across it in red felt tip. That should stop them from venturing up my drive.
  6. [align=center]Do Not Vote For Any Politician!

    It Merely Encourages Them . . .

    (Mark Twain - I think)
  7. why?
    Come on Sven - sell them to me, I'm listening.
  8. You should be getting leaflets through the door - probably this weekend. Read them and if You have any questions to ask, phone the candidates.

    Since these elections are council ones and therefore local to Your area, You should talk to Your candidates.
  9. The wife is standing in these elections as a Conservative candidate, Labour are not fielding a candidate, UKIP are not bothering and the libs have put a candidate up who hasn,t even knocked on a single door.

    The wife has been round every village in the constituency delivering leaflets and canvassing the residents. Who will win? Hmmmmm the wife I reckon
  10. We call it a paperless candidate. The party floats a candidate that has little chance of winning - it keeps the party in the publlics eye in the ward concerned and You get an indication of the base support for Your party
  11. I actually know the local Libdem candidate quite well. I am also aware that this is a council election and fought on local issues rather than national. What I was actually getting at was why I should consider voting Libdem in preference to any other party. I have seen neither a canvasser nor a leaflet in the last decade.
  12. Good luck to the wife 'Gundog'.

    No elections here in London thankfully. No point in my council anyway - 60 seats - 57 Tory and 3 err! um! don't know !

    Best council in Great Britain with the lowest poll tax or whatever it is called now.

    The 'LOCAL' lesson which could or even should translate to 'NATIONAL' action is obvious:


    PS. The low tax level is DESPITE the irrelevant oik Prescott, or his 'Office', removing a large portion of the national grant.
  13. What, and have people like Bob Russel remain in power...no thanks
  14. If they were the people who run the Labour Party, then yes.

    As it's cnuts like Blair who run the Labour Party, then no.
  15. Pity - I suppose the Oldies will have to buy bum paper now.