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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. Sunday Mail
    Communities could run own courts
    01:20am 23rd October 2005

    Volunteers should dish out justice in their own community, says a report launched by Home Office minister Hazel Blears this week.
    New courts should deal with neighbour disputes, minor offences like petty theft, vandalism, drunk and disorderly behaviour and anti-social behaviour.

    Offenders could be forced to attend drug treatment courses, carry out community services like repairing damaged property or offer reparations to the victim.

    And they would be staffed by volunteers, backed by the Probation Service, the Institute for Public Policy Research proposes.

    Anyone could apply to sit on the Community Justice Panels (COPs), according to the IPPR, Tony Blair's favourite think-tank.

    Bring back the stocks, SHAME UM.
  2. First they gave us the plastic plod, now they give us plastic beaks? Sounds like they're trying to reinvent the JP.
  3. Membership confined to those with BNP party cards will be next thing for local control.
  4. I am not a 'Socialist Liberal' but reading across these forums and the little annoucements from our great leader I am beginning to see parallels with Hitlers 1933 - 36 Germany.....

    New national anthem the Horst Worsel Song ?

  5. I quite fancy that. But cutting hands of thieves might be viewed as a bit strong.