local council in wales attempt to charge for parking at home


cheeky feckers, there is a resident parking schemem outside my house already, had I known what was involved I would have objected to it, to obtain a Resident parking permit , I had to bring in my MOT, Registration and Insurance docs along with a recent council tax bill, I resent the intrusion to my personal information,so I have refused to pick one up since, I do not see why I should jump through the hoop for permission to park outside my house, fortunately there is no houses opposite mine so parking is not an issue, I can simply park opposite if I needed to which incidently is free parking area, no permits required, to date I have had no problems , If they want to argue the toss, I would have said It is not compulsory to have one in order to be able to park outside MY house. :pissedoff:

I have heard resident in London have to pay £100 to park outside their House, I think that is cheeky, as the road tax already paid for the roads, now they are paying for the "privelige" of parking outside their house with no improvement in parking facilities in exchange for the money, the person who told me this said they see it as normal, NORMAL !! :shakefist: they have been brainwashed, she has since moved up here and realised it was not normal in fact felt cheated by London council. :threaten:


My dad always said,'if they could put a meter between you and the sun, they'd bill you for that as well!'

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