Local Council Armed Forces discount for gyms

Thought i'd put this here,

Does anyone remember which county councils it was a few months ago that gave discounts to members of the Forces for use of their Gyms?

I E-mailed my city council and they've agreed a corporate discount to members of the forces but first they want to know how I'd advertise this to the Forces community and what ID they'd use (obviously on this part I'd just say MOD 90).

I want to put together a good case for them using the news articles of the other councils that did this aswell as the various ways i'd advertise this.

Anyone able to help?
I think one of them was definitely Bury. I emailed my city council (liverpool) and got no reply.
Amber Valley do (Alfreton area), brand new gym, use of three leisure centres including pool plus off peak racket sports costs me £23 a month. Not sure what the discount was but its obviously worth having. Canns give you corporate membership but even with that its still £43.50 a month.
yes free use of all council owned leisure facilities here in Bury. they plan on expanding the idea to include all armed forces veterans

covered here

and here

you produce your Mod 90 and fill in an application form and get a shiney new Leisure Card that gives you access to everything
Spot on thanks lads, I've put together what I think is a good case and put it forward to the bod in charge of the Leisure facilities.

I'll let you know the outcome!

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