Local chav gets away with GBH on SNCO

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mercedis, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. http://www.camberley.co.uk/story.asp?intid=1070&txtpaper=

    Gary Womersley, 20, of Frimley Road, Watchetts, was acquitted of being responsible following a three-day trial at Guildford Crown Court.

    He told a jury that he had gone to the scene armed with the bat after hearing that one of his friends was being shouted at and bullied by a group of older men.

    The court was told the attack happened after a group of sergeants, who were on a two-week course at Deepcut Barracks, had enjoyed a night out in Camberley and stopped on their way home for food.

    One of the soldiers got into a heated argument with a youth at the kebab stand in Frimley Road.

    The youth was said to have gone away, but returned with a group of pals, including Mr Womersley.

    Sgt Scholes told the jury that he and four colleagues on the course had been drinking in various pubs in the town before going on to Envy nightclub.

    He said he had drunk “about eight or nine pints” which was normal for him and described himself as feeling “merry” by the time the group left around 2am.

    They caught a taxi back to Deepcut, but stopped at a kebab stand in Frimley Road where they all got out to buy some food.

    One of the soldiers, Sgt Derek Samuel, got into an argument with a youth who was there with a friend.

    He told the court that the youth’s mum turned up and the two boys went off.

    He said as the group were eating their food and waiting for another taxi he was approached by two males, including the one who had been arguing earlier.

    Sgt Scholes said: “I believe someone turned and said ‘that is him there. Look at what he has done to my neck’.

    “He was blaming me for whatever. The other lad had a baseball bat in his right hand and a small knife in his left hand.

    “I said there is no need for knives or anything like that and I was walking backwards and tripped over a small wall.

    “They then basically rushed me. I managed to get up and try and run away, but realised nobody was there to help me.

    Anyone want to visit young Gary. scroat.

    Where did all of Sgt Scholes mates go when he was getting this pasting!
  2. a. I gather that you made this statement from reading the report and that you weren't actually there.
    b. You knew the accquitted personaly, his standards of dress etc etc.
  3. I live there, I know the acquitted, and yes... he is a chav. Of the slightly nastier variety than the everyday sort too.

    There's always trouble after Envy nights, doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
  4. That just sums up justice here in the UK. If you can go out armed with a baseball bat, leave to get a stanley knife, get into a fight and not intend to use them but do......... what the f**k is going on???????????????

    Do these Magistrates/ Judges actually live in the real world or some other planet????
  5. **** him you get into a drunken ruck one thing
    but to go out armed with a baseball bat bloke needs to go down prefably as in targets will fall when hit :evil:
  6. NO they don't. They live highly insulated and safely cosseted from us peasants, heavily sedated on brandy before venturing out into the strange world we call reality. They wouldn't know reality until it hit them between the eyes with a baseball bat.
  7. I dont understand how he got off?
  8. local chav "gets away" with GBH.

    Im fairly sure summary justics will catch up with him at some point or other and he wont "get away" with it next time. :twisted:
  9. In a Magistrates ( twisted ) logic:
    Squaddie + Alcohol + Violence = Squaddie at fault.
  10. Chavs!..Feckin winkers the lot of 'em
  11. Seems to me, if the little scum is "getting away with it", perhaps the local community who are pised off with him, should do something about it, a warning maybe, a reminder he is not the gangster he thinks he is.
  12. Yes and no. I know two magistrates (JPs, not stipendiary). One is also a Lord Lieutenant, lives in a huge house in its own grounds, spends most of the time doing good works on various committees and is fairly distant from 'ordinary' life. The other works as a baggage supervisor for an airline, is an ex-L/Cpl, lives in a council house and is very aware of the real world.

    Judges are a different kettle of fish altogether. Having all been barristers for years before being appointed as judges, they live in a privileged and protected world and many seem completely ignorant of what goes on around them, which accounts for some of their bizarre pronouncements and decisions.

    I recall a few years ago living in the same area as a similar scrote to the one in the report. No matter what he did, he always seemed to get off. It transpired that he was a police informer, and more use out than in, so to speak. Sadly for him he burgled the wrong house one day - the owner had some interesting Laandaan connections, and one summer evening matey was dealt with by two large gents in suits who politely knocked on his door, took him into the street, gave him a serious beating and a chat about why they were there, and then drove away. The scrote didn't report it but was suddenly much less keen on a life of petty crime...
  13. i despair at the justice of this country.
  14. Exactly my initial thought, Manchester_Rogue. I'd have thought the case for GBH would've been pretty clear. Geezer rocks up with bat and a chiv. So what was his excuse? Did he want to carve his initials in the handle in the wee smalls?
    The mind boggles!!!