Local bike - Advice needed.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little_Butch, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. It all started when the local Slag added me on Facebook, started talking and after not long at all I'd nailed her for the first time!
    Saw her a couple of times a week for just under a month until she seemed to be getting a bit attached so I had to get rid..

    Now she won't fucking leave me alone! I told her from the start it was a purely sex thing.
    I'm just ignoring her texts at the moment.. Is this the best idea?

    Oh yeah she's also got a boyfriend and has the mental BIG TIME!

    Over to you lads, I'm all ears!
  2. I'll get the usual requests out of the way: did you do her up the shitter, and where are the pictures?!
  3. Hammer, harry black maskers etc etc
  4. Why don`t you just run away?
  5. Not up the shitter but she did have a nice Rack - 36DD ;)
  6. Facebook eh! You deserve everything you get.
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  7. Well as shes so keen go back, at least for a good buggering!
  8. If she's the full on slag you say then she'll of definitely sent you some pics, get em posted up!

  9. Oh and we want a name or it didn't happen!
  10. You lot are so slow. Where's the request for a link to her FB page?
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    You'll have to do the decent thing and marry her, you know you want too !
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  12. What's the problem? You not got the bottle to tell her to fuck off? Christ's sake, man up.
  13. Dear Reader

    All women have the crazy, some just have the ability to hide it to begin with & this is a lesson you should remember for your next "relationship."

    Block her on Facebook & change of mobile number should solve this one, but in case it doesn't I'm sending you my free advice leaflet entitled "Creating a Flyer using revealing photos of the local bike she sent you thinking you were a normal human being not some degenerate who posts on ARRSE." It's really very good.

    Finally, post the pictures of her on here & a link to her Facebook profile for those who want to attempt an adventure into the brown abyss with this "lady."
  14. Wrap her head in polythene before you shoot her. It'll help minimise the forensic signature.

    A small calibre round from close range (.22LR, for example) does an excellent job without creating too much mess.
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  15. Where's the fooking pictures then cunty bollox!?! ;-)

    Send me a link to her FB and she'll never bother anyone again!

    You could block her on FB and get a new mobile number or go round and smash her fella's back doors in; that'll learn her!