Local authorities in England took more than £411M in parking charges in 2011/12.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Councils are making huge profits from parking charges while cutting road safety spending according to newly published figures.

    This is now obviously a high money making industry, and councils laughing all the way to the bank i shouldn't wonder!

    Councils cut road safety spending - National - The Star
  2. Have you never before noticed all these parking-voucher dispensers in city centres? They're there because councils charge for parking.
  3. I've also seen traffic wardens, Big brother static bus lane cameras as well as the old mobile speeding cameras en mass whose only soul job it is to make mega wonga.

    Point being is that this has now become a huge revenue generating industry in itself.
    You **** up with your driving and the council get rich ..... it's a nice little earner for them.
  4. I find that the best way to avoid speeding fines is to remain within the speed limit.
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  5. What do you think the councils are doing with all that money?
  6. I'd far rather they padded their coffers with fines for illegal parking, driving in bus lanes etc than by increasing Council Tax. That way you will only pay if you cock up. They have to get their finances from somewhere after all.
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  7. Well they didn't get one penny of it from me and it's likely to stay that way!
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  8. Spot on. Stand by for more ingenious revenue raising schemes as money gets tighter and more of the traditionally public funded local authority functions get either hived off to private companies or become something that people are charged for that they weren't previously. CMD calls it the big society.
  9. My town has had free on-street parking since cars were invented. Now the council is converting everything to paid parking. This is not necessary to ease congestion or bad parking - its simply a revenue grab.

    Councils should be compelled by law to work within their official budgets, and not simply seek ways of introducing extra taxes and charges.
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  10. Collectively if you count the number of local authorities that are in existence, £411m doesn't seem like that much money to me to be honest. As for cutting road safety, money made from parking enforcement is supposed to be ring fenced to spending on roads. You can see that in the borough I live in where some of the road safety measures are very evident and probably a waste of money in my view.

    I'd like to see the money used more generally and it would mean less highway interference by engineers who probably don't have anything better to do with their time. That would be a nice saving.

    One thing is certain though. This money will keep coming in for local authorities. Several years ago when highway enforcement was the responsibility of the police, there was one mini bus with 6 or 7 parking wardens in it traveling around the whole of West London trying to enforce parking rules. You were almost guaranteed not to get caught. Now that Councils are doing it, there are 30 or 40 wardens employed by every borough. Go ahead and make their day. If you park unlawfully now, you are guaranteed to get caught.
  11. Perfectly legitimate expenses - Twin town visits - banquets - and any other jollies they can legally get away with.
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  12. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Councils have become little empires run by petty politicians. Now those empires are being cut back. But instead of living within their means, councils are seeking alternative revenue streams so that they can continue to run their little empires.

    If you were to ask the question "what council services are essential for the people living in the area", the answer would be about 75% of them with the rest vanity projects to make councillors feel important.

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  13. There's some **** on Sunderland Council has even set at least one deliberate bear- trap.......

    They've come around a corner with yellow lines onto a quiet side road, then put in a lowered pedestrian crossing on a pavement so narrow that you'd tip over your disabled scooter trying to cross it.

    So ****ing illogical, that it snags at least one poor sod EVERY day, (including me)