Local AFCO running club

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by derder, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys just thought I'd recommend going to your local afco running club. I went last night and it's really good training. Basically I turned up thinking we would do our 1.5 run and go home, oh how wrong was I! :x They make you do your run then you do a full hour of pt and I mean tough pt. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone, they really work you hard and beast you if you don't do things right too 8O
  2. Is there an age requirement?
  3. They have an AFCO running club? first ive heard of it.
  4. I havent heard of anything like that neither must be new?
  5. Which AFCO do you go too
  6. Oh I just assumed every afco does it? :? I go to wembley afco
  7. CAs willingly running?! What will they think of next ;)
  8. We have one at Blackheath too Think its standard practise now
  9. yh derder i go to wembley acio and my ca told me he will give me a travel warrent to go there, it's in maidevail (spelling) isnt it?
    oh and what did they make you do in pt?
  10. Yeah mate it's in maida vale, few mins from the station. First we did our 1.5 on the running track then we did some stretches n stuff then we had to file into rank (you get beasted if you don't rank properly!) and do partnered things like running while doing a fire-mans lift, lots of press-ups! burpees, sprints. The usual pt stuff. It's great mate you should definately give it a go.
  11. how many press ups you have to do?
    haha i can only do 20 max :eek:
    oh and thanks for the reply mate :)
  12. Well I'm sh*t at pressups too but he sets amounts like, run to here and do 8 then get up and run to here and do 6 and so on. Lots of guys couldnt do the full amount but the pt instructor just wants to see you put in your maximum effort. I got my adsc next thurs n fri and if I pass that I'm definately gonna keep going to running club up until I start basic :p
  13. Are AFCO Running Clubs common or are there only a few around?
  14. Not sure mate, i thought they were common but best call your afco to see
  15. Id imagine they could only do it at a careers office who have a PTI kickin about, to avoid stuff like 'i cant go to selection because i hurt myself running with the recruiting sgt'