Loans and Payment Protection

Right Kids, Joker is not a happy bunny and that sheister out fit known as Cox and Kings is the reason. Or should I say the Omni corps that is Lloyds TSB which appears to have swallowed Cox and Kings and all the rather nice people that squared away your finances while you couldn't. I, for my sins have a loan via Lloyds TSB from Loans Direct. I have been sitting there paying it off thinking I'm sure that this could be cheaper.

I rang around a few other banks for the better interest rates, and there were many. So I rang Lloyds TSB to ask them for a settlement figure. The first grievance I have is that they lump all the interest and insurance, if like me you are stupid enough to say yes to it, on the original sum. This means that you can be paying for a year and a half and still not made a dent on the lump sum. Personally I think that is crap.

My second grievance is that I thought I could cancel the payment protection as I don't want it. But no. It appears that if you do not cancel this is the first 30 days of having your loan you cannot cancel it at all. Strange when Egg have just done that and I have had the loan with them for some time. My suggested action by Loans Direct was to re apply for a loan for the settlement figure and do it without PP, which would ultimately affect my chances of getting the loan.

This is arrse and not it a good way. DO I HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON?

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