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does anyone know where I can find information about applying for loan service, what the criteria is and what accompanied posts if any there are?
The REME Corps mag "The Craftsman" publishes a list of upcoming vacancies for all E2 type posts (which includes Loan Service) in every issue. Not sure about other Regts/Corps but your MCM Div would be a good place to start or try the Army Web for basic info.
All issues of Army Doctrine and Training News have it covered. Latest one I have is the Summer 06 issue and it is on pages 72 - 80.

In summary For REME there are several WO2/WO1 posts in Brunei and Kuwait, Officers and WO2/SSGT in the Oman and a whole bucket load for Sierre Lione (unaccompanied).

Hope this helps.

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