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I hear that the Magical and Ridiculous Oracle do not have any volunteers for Loan Service in Oman and Brunei.

Why is this? Has anyone been? Is it a money maker? Is it really that bad living with Arabs?


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I heard that a the Brunei post is filled around September time.
Apparently there were five positive replies to the signal recently sent and the lucky person (in terms of the third part of dibble's question) has been nominated.
"I heard that the Brunei post is filled around September time."

That's funny weren't you filling in forms the other day to get posted round about the same time?? Or is it one of the typical AT "if I tell enough people someone will believe me" things?

Haven't worked out how to do the quote thing.

Now know that the WO1 posts in Brunei and Oman have gone.

Anybody know if the WO2 post in Oman is still available?

Oh - and who on earth would want to go to Saudi !!!!!!!!!
thiswayup said:
Haven't worked out how to do the quote thing.

Found it!!!!

Ah yes .......thiswayup Op Search still Sh*t............
Oman is now filled (prob). was filled then changed.

WO1 slot is in Muscat, not bad, fairly western. dubai is only 3 hrs drive away.

WO2 slot is in salalah. 1000kms from muscat and 10 years behind the moderisation curve. (the locals think wearing their baseball caps sideways is cool). if you like the beach and short working hours then its for you.

moneys not bad, but gets worse of course. does depend on how much you want to spend there. now s leone has gone it might be one of the higher paid posts. you get loan service pay and LOA.

best bit...... 2 1/2 years and no pager!!!
Nonsense (I think)
I think it could be false intelligence too. Looking into it though.

Could be at a very senior level, desirable to be ATO trained sort of a thing.
There is a AT WO2 loan service post in Sierra Leone. 1 year, LOA and Band 8 loan service pay. Its a shit job though, as ther has not been an issue or receipt since 2002!

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