Loan or Donation wanted - PRC-320 set-up, for Charity Walk


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Hi All,

I know this is somewhat cheeky! But please bear with me, and yes, i'm sticking this post all over the site and many others! Trying to get as much exposure as blatantly possible! The post below is a cut and paste, were are pair of sad geeky radio hams planning to do some good for the less fortunate!

Myself Martin G7MRV (ex-8LI/KOYY(LI) ), and Bob M1BBV (ex-5 Rifles/7RHA) are planning to walk the Lyke Wake Walk (40 miles in 24h over the North York Moors) in mid-summer, in aid of MAG, the Mines Advisory Group. MAG carry out demining and UXO clearance operations, and mine awareness education, in many of the poorest and most war torn parts of the world.

We will be seeking sponsorship not only for the walk itself, but we also intend operating HF portable all along the route, and seeking sponsorship per contact made, and donations for QSL cards. I am hoping to persuade Ofcom to allow a slight variation to the special event rules and allow us to have a Special Event callsign for the walk.

However, we have one problem - we cannot afford the radio!

I would therefore like to ask if anyone would be willing to provide us with a long term loan of a PRC-320 and necessary ancillaries?

We would require the radio, carrier, headset and pressel, batteries, gooseneck and whip antenna, and possibly the handset and other bits and bobs. The intention is to use the set whilst walking, so we do not require wire antennas, coax etc, but spare batteries are most likely needed. Essentially, everything needed to run the set on-air for 40miles!

The walk is intended for late june, about a week after solstice, to give us maximum daylight. The reason I would like to request a long term loan, starting as soon as is practical, is in order that we can use the radio for training in advance. This is both physical training to accustom us to the weight of the equipment on long distance hill walks, which will comprise a good number of 10, 20 and 30 mile walks, inlcuding a number of SOTA activations, but also operational training in how to set up and operate the equipment. Neither myself nor Bob were signalers!

Any loan equipment will of course be looked after as if it were our own! And a signed agreement provided if required.

Of course, anyone who can lend us any equipment, will be acknowledged on our page and our QSL cards. If anyone would like to go that bit further and donate a set-up to us, then not only will you be acknowledged as our equipment sponsor, but the equipment will be put to good future use on SOTA and many future Special Event Stations.

I look forward to hopefully hearing from you!

Martin G7MRV

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