Loan of NVS?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Victorian_Major, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Hello Collected Wisdom,

    Does anyone in the Wiltshire area have some night vision kit I may borrow for a couple of months? Just a gen I/II monocular would suffice, but if you have anything more potent...

    In a spot of midsummer vigilantism I've agreed to help some local farmers by staking out a few sites beloved by crop-circle makers. Concept of ops is to sit on top of big local hill and drink beer all night for a few selected nights, and watch fields - if we spot any 'croppies' we'll phone the fuzz and put some flares into the overhead.

    Of course, if it is aliens then we'll be abducted, get big metal hoopijoos stuck up our backsides and lose a couple of hours...
  2. Can't help on the NVS side, but make sure you get the abduction on Youtube. Spankwire's getting a bit jaded.
  3. I really just wanted to see V_M being anally interrogated by the Roswell aliens.

    Call me a bluff old traditionalist...
  4. tap in this tblop
  5. you know why et has that long finger don't you :nod:
  6. Consider re-thinking this plan.

    By the time anything happens, you'll be hypothermic, pissed, cross-eyed from eyestrain, setting each other (and the crops) alight with mis-aimed paraflares, and sending slurred, giggly, abusive YOOFREPs over the net to the plod*

    However, any sensible aliens will stay well clear, so your arses will remain unprobed. By them, at least.

    *who will not appreciate your asking them to bring you kebabs and more beer, especially with the blues and twos on 'becaush it looksh pretty...go on (belch) be a mate...yer me besht mate, ya know dat ya cunt (hic)...'
  7. Just use Claymores - Much more practical.
  8. A far easier approach would be to stake out the pool room of The Barge Inn at Honey Street. At least one the well know 'croppies' gets in there.
  9. Less of a pool room now, The Barge is under new (cooperative) membership and a bit more open plan. Scoff's improved too but Seven Stars is just down the road and IMHO a bit better. But yes, there's the odd croppie amongst the wheat-Walts and folk-grunge dropouts.

    BTW, I'm also after a dushka or stinger to sort out the annoying threadbare bug-smashing piece of crap that buzzes around (breaking article 5 of the air navigation order by low flying) photographing the crop circles. Probably flies out of Clench or Yatesbury...
  10. Has the silly season started yet or not??. Was out that way on Bank Holiday monday but as it was misty as hell couldn't see much at all. Just had a look at the current goings on and the usual nutters are still out there (wheres me tin foil hat...)
  11. Aldi are punting them with x4 maginfication for £70 sure a few of you can chip in for a set.
  12. There are a few video cameras out there with a reasonable night vision capability. My sony handycam video 8 (yes it's about a million years old) is still good for doggin... err night time nature footage.. yes that's it, nature..