Loading Tech Class 1 (CS Eng)

My place has a handful of C2 techs with Op experience. None meet the timelines HQSOinC have set for going on their C1. Taking the following into consideration:

Being a LCpl C1 Tech doesn't mean you've been caught and had a trip to Colly.

PD06 means that people won't be given responsiblity until they achieve the rank and that is now rationalised with a 'minimum' timeline.

Blandford are struggling to fill C1 courses.

I'm all for sending them on their way to sunny B'ford. My collegue disagrees.

Teching ain't what it used to be!

Opinions please.....
There are plenty of LCpls getting on these courses, both IS and Tech... some have been around for longer than there Cpl counterparts as well. Send 'em, it beats sitting in a workshop drinking brews, doesn't it?

Being a LCpl C1 Tech certainly doesn't mean you've been a naughty boy... it usually means that you're a crap soldier... :p

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