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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Big_Duke_Six, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. JDW reports that the US Army is spending "$20 million for production of loader's thermal weapons sights for both M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams."

    I may have missed something here, but do we currently have any form of weapons sight for a loader (by this I mean more than a few vision blocks) in our MBTs? If so, does it need to be thermal?

    Are the US Army spending $20 million on a vital piece of battle-winning equipment or could this be used more effectively elsewhere?

    Answers on a post(card) please.
  2. its for use on the moon.its dark up there
  3. No, however BAE Land Systems have be trialing a remote operated Ldr/Operator MG that allows operation of this local defence weapon with no requirement for that person to expose their body above armour.

    Quite logical after the close urban environment experience in the Iraq war.

    Could be fitted as an upgrade (money permitting ) or on future land vehicles.
  4. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    How is the poor loader going to fit this in around:

    Passing the beers to turret crew
    Making the sarnies
    Twaaatting the idle gunner to keep him awake
    Stroking the commanders coock
    Speaking on the blower
    Passing brew through to driver
    Oh and loading the big pointy thing
  5. I remember some bright spark came up with the idea of giving the Commander "His Ears" back whilst closed down...spent bloody hours sat out on cat & fiddle with everybody and his granny driving around us so that we could "Hear" them.......did'nt need to hear them through the TI sight they stood out like a sore thumb.......More tax payers money!!!!