load strap? please help with ID

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by doonhamer, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. hi can anyone tell me what this is and if poss what its used for, the strap is aprox 15ft long

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  2. You need to get out more
  3. says the bellend sniffer waiting at his keyboard to be the first to reply with a dull as **** never heard before comment! xxx
  4. Last time I saw one of these we were packing up a marquee section on the big green canvas army marquees. IIRC they were used for bundling the sections up and allowed the strap to be fed around the short end and the long end to be pulled back and act as a tensioning lever.

    Hope that helps
  5. cheers Scouse any idea of there name?
  6. I think "Strap, Marquee Section for the bundling off, c/w Tensioner"

    Sorry I'll get me coat
  7. ha ha cheers!
  8. I was only a cadet at the time, on a summer camp and we were breaking down the marquee we had used as a mess tent.

    We had rolled up all the sections and had all these odd looking straps left over from the bag. so after much scratching off heads the duty biff had his moment of brilliance and sussed out what they were for.

    The strap looped back on itself through the short shaped end, then you pulled to long piece up and locked it behind the strap and if gave you a locking purchase on the strap.

    But as for what they were called, well I stand by my first comment cos we all know how the mod names things
  9. It's an (old) lashing for a 12x12 or possibly 18x24 tent.
  10. It's from an 18 x 24 tent.

    Try and do a Google search for a CES and it'll be listed in there (with a badly etched drawing of the item).