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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by .338lapua_magnum, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. As the weather is cracking at the moment I have been putting some of the loads that I was working on over the crono and its been a bit of a surprise.

    Having eventually got some VitN160 I found a load that is supremely accurate which consists of 44.6g Vit160 under a 123g Amax, however when I put twenty over the crono I found that my average velocity was pretty disappointing at 2432fps. That is probably enough to ensure good expansion on the anticipated target but still a concern, especially with a 123g bullet. Even when pushing the load to 47.6g which is one grain over recommended with no pressure signs I still only got 2607fps although groups are consistent.

    The other surprise was Reloader 22. Working on long range vermin loads I found that 49g of Rel22 over a 140G Amax whilst very accurate had a spread of over 200fps. That was with careful handloading and keeping the ammo out of the sun ect. I have read that reloader 22 has a bit of a reputation for being inconsistent, however I expected that to be from batch to batch. Just out of interest has Anyone else got good load data for the 6,5x55?

    Just to add before someone pipes in about Amax being a tgt bullet, I defy anyone to tell the difference between Vmax and Amax on flesh and blood.
  2. I use N140 pushing a 120gn Nosler BT. Using 39.5gn gives 2800fps(claimed not tested) and sub inch groups.
  3. Are you using that load on flesh and blood or target Marty?
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have had best results using a 140gn Sierra Matchking and Vectan SP12 powder (I have the tests and details at home).
    Obviously target rather than game shooting, but my Swede Mauser definately prefers boatails, and preferes bigger (min 140gn) bullets. I could not get the same results with smaller bullets, or non-boatails, I tried various from Sierra and Nosler.
  5. Flesh n blood and they're very effective.
  6. A bit like people who use Lapua Scenar on deer- they work most of the time, but lack the reliability of a round designed to expand and I've seen both A-max and Scenar fail in Scotland on the 'out there' shots. I'm not a big fan of V-max on deer because they blow the meat all to shit (just the way a trophy hunting Yank hillbilly likes it).

    I'm not trying to argue with anyone, because I don't give a tart's piss but target rounds can be a bit unreliable.
  7. All bullets can fail, spend enough time in this game and you will see it, especially if you stretch the range with low velocity: my initial concern. Personally I would not use A or Vmax on beasts, but they have their use; vermin control when ricochets are a real issue. Also when shooting marine mammals or corvids the tgt is small but you want the hit to be as explosive as possible. Its really a matter of using the best tool for the job rather than what others dictate you must use.
  8. No argument but I was talking about balistic tips and they aren't target rounds. I started using them on Roe cos the 140gn soft points I was using were going straight through and hardly expanding at all.

    If I was shooting Red, Sika or Fallow I'd go back to the 140's
  9. Seen, sorry I wanted to quote .338 but had a senior moment!
  10. I agree with you on all points there. I used to use some flat based benchrest HP for my .22-250. The jacket was so thin it would essentially vaporise on entry.

    The 6.5 and 7mm (I use a 7mm-08 with 150gr Nosler Partitions for anything big and furry) have a habit of knocking stuff over despite lower velocities. Personally I wouldn't be overly concerned by relatively low velocities unless you are trying to smash the bullet up for the reasons you mentioned above.
  11. Some of my shooting involves shooting towards a surface that is essentially ideal for ricochets: the sea. Further when shooting around the cages, there is a lot of very expensive equipment and stock to consider and you can rarely pick an ideal angle to shoot down. What this amounts to is that I have to ensure that I pick bullets and drive them fast enough to minimise the potential for ricochet. To date, I have found A and Vmax the best to fit the bill. Further, all the shooting involves head shots so if the placement is less than ideal an explosive entry will ensure that the injury is almost always instantly lethal. Like I said, it is a matter of using the correct tools to stay safe but achieve humane results.

    Edit to add: Todays results gave me something else too. I shot some 140g Amax (6,5) and some 52G Amax(.223) at a steel disk, range 150m (brake disk from a Cobra fire appliance). The 140 made a small dent, in effect throwing a small scab back off the steel. The .223 on the other hand cratered the steel to a depth or 2mm with a perfect nipple in the centre. Just shows what having an extra 500fps can do!
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  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I used to load 140 Nosler partitions over IMR4895 but with Privi being so cheap I just use factory most of the time as .338 can attest due to the vast amounts of once fired he gets from me. I usually buy 600 rounds at a time (Rfd remember) and keep the Noslers for a rainy day! I did get given some Federal to test as it was loaded with 140 grains of what looked like moly coated bullets but sadly behaved like Barnes Varmint grenades and totally ruined 3 carcases before the professional guide lost her nerve and gave them to me to test.
    I emailed federal with pics of the smashed carcasses and batch details but they didnt get back to me.
  13. To a Yank trophy hunter smashing the carcass to buggery is no bad thing so you'll probably find your response in the testimony page of their website :) . What an American considers suitable meat damage for large game is in my experience well in excess of what a European meat-getter would consider reasonable!
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  14. Aye the brass was much appreciated Ugs. Looking at the necks it looks like quite hard brass, I annealed a batch and they are behaving pretty well. The weather is back to gales and all that again, so no more load testing for the next few weeks by the looks of things.

    Oh Ugs, I should be able to get more 'poison' sent down to you at the end of the month, daughter No1 couldn’t take any down as she had a skeleton to manage!
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  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Cheers mucker!