Load Carrying

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Hardysa, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I've done a search and not turned up anything specific.

    What kind of training programme could you recommend to improve and optimise load carrying? i.e. lugging bergen full of kit over medium to long distance and beyond.

  2. Practice is the only way that I found helped. A good bergen, with weight that you can carry for 4 miles to start off with. Increase the distance, keeping the weight the same, when the required distance is achieved, up the weight, and drop the distance a bit.

    Worked for me. It may work for you.
  3. I started walking with a bergan on first then cut the distance down and started running then built up the distance.
  4. Start training with 10Kg of weight at 8 miles. Add two miles every two weeks and once at 24miles, as has been said, up the weight by 2 kilos each week after said distance. If you can see about doing Nijmegen. It's great weight and distance training even if you don't go.

  5. I just read this after postin but.........What the hell are you on about :omg:
  6. I thought that too, i saw him say something random on another post aswell :?
  7. well fitted bergen loaded with 15-20kg everywhere you go for a week or two then think about distance.