Load carrying equipment / ballistic vest question

To make it clear: The stuff I'm looking for is not intended for myself. I'm not going to walt with it in front of the bedroom mirror, nor am I involved in stuff like softair or paintballing.

My Filipino fiancee has approached me concerning her younger brother, who is a member of the paramilitary Philippine National Police. Due to the Muslim rebels of the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) having broken a cease fire a few weeks ago and attacked several villages and small towns in the province of Lanao del Norte on the island of Mindenao, he is currently deployed with his unit in a light infantry role, instead of regular police work.
Now, unlike the armed forces of the Philippines, the police officers are expected to buy most of their personal equipment themselves. Basically all he got issued was a camouflage uniform and an old Vietnam era M16A1 rifle.
He even had to purchase his sidearm himself (a Model 1911A1 Colt Government).
Now my fiancee, who is currently visiting her family in her hometown on the edge of the war zone, asked me to buy him a set of load carrying equipment (webbing belt, magazine pouches, shoulder straps etc.) and if possible a ballistic vest.
Now for the load carrying equipment I would go for surplus US army stuff, since most of the equipment used by the Filipino military is patterned after the US stuff, but, since I live in Germany, it is actually easier for me to get surplus Bundeswehr stuff. Now a question:
Does anybody know if magazines for the M16 (both 20 and 30 round mags) will fit into a pouch intended for the mags of a G36?
Do they fit into the equivalent British stuff (which I also would be able to obtain as surplus)?
Any other suggestions for not too pricey but reasonable tactical gear?

Then, concerning the ballistic vest, what brand is not too pricey, but usable by a relatively short Asian guy, who additionally has to carry his share of ammo for the section's M-60 MG and has to patrol in a hot and humid tropical enviroment?

Thanks for the help


I'm not a soldier, if I buy the stuff for him, I'd like to get something for him, which he will wear and not something which is so uncmfortable that he'll leave it in the barracks. Does anybody have experience in wearing the ECBA in tropical surroundings?

Walther said:
I'd like to get something for him, which he will wear and not something which is so uncmfortable that he'll leave it in the barracks.
I think you'll find it hard to find anything like this that is 'comfortable'

Mr Happy

You can pick up 5.56 Colt Mags (the sort the M16 uses) in 20 or 30 round form fora bout £5 no problems, so you can check the pouch sizes yourself. They are pretty small and most/all load carrying equipment will work with them. I would steer you towards yank LBE rather than Flecktarn gear. British PLCE is best, LBE is poor and Flectarn is bloody awful however I would personally point you at Combat Vests rather than webbing:



Webbing is modular and can be stripped down or piled on, it does however all hang/sit around the waist. It would be difficult for example to walk down the aisle of a plane in webbing which is why I wouldn’t want it in the jungle and would use a vest instead. The vest is normally not modular and distributes the weight all over the body. That does make it hotter but everything is a trade off.

Body armour is always uncomfortable. Its thick and hard because it has to stop bullets which means its also heavy and inflexible. As you are a novice and buying this stuff I will point out that there are three parts to body armour:

The cover – this is the green or sand coloured bit you can see, made of normal material this serves no purpose but to carry the:
Armour – this will generally not stop rifle bullets but is useful for shrapnel. To stop 9mm pistol (common) rounds you need Level 3a. To stop rifle bullets you need:
Inserts – which are around A4 in size (if you are looking at British Army ECBA they are A5) and go at the front and rear. They are made of Kevlar or Ceramic or similar and you require them to stop 7.62x39 (AK47 rounds). There might be a label on the insert telling you what it will and won’t do. If you watch Black Hawk Down you’ll see one of the good guys take one of his out before the mission and then he gets shot in the back later.

It is possible to get a body armour and vest combo. But its expensive.

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