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Dear All,

I am down to do the LOAC ITD and I was wondering whether anyone has a presentation which I could use? I've got one, but honestly, I'd rather watch paint dry....

If its not too late PM me and I can send it to you electronically ?
This is held in the ITD(A) package, use your own, or another unauthorised version at your peril. Don't want to put a downer on it , however you have to follow the rules. Use the official package, anything else may leave you in the dock. Possibly you can use your own stuff wrapped in amongst the official package. Dont quote me on it. Seek advice from a higher authority.

My Sqn doesn't hold the ITD(A) Package for LOAC, so have made my own based on the soldiers guide from the electronic Battle Box.

MSR, sit 'em down in front of 'Saving Private Ryan' about as much use as the LOAC material but much better entertainment!

The LOAC ITD has a reputation for being crashingly dull, so I have tried to make it more interesting, without deviating from the 'Soldiers Guide to the Law of Armed Conflict', which states that it provides 'clear military information ... for commanders and troops to use to use in their operations and training'.

I would love to include the opening scene from Three Kings.

What ya doing helping him, he's basta*d enemy.

Best line in the LOAC video.

You can teach your own as long as it covers the teaching Objectives.
I will, don't worry. It's attitudes like 1920's that get my goat - If you take that sort of argument to its logical conclusion, then all ITDs would be reduced to a video which would be played once a year until everyone either just laughed at it or nodded off.

The older lads will have seen them all and switch off as soon as you press play, if you give them the same old trite every time. It is up to the instructor to make it interesting.

Selecting a different movie clip from a film that gets the point across is a good idea, so Saving Private Ryan where the little clerk type fella shoots the German who they let go earlier in the film is a good example of what not to do but what could happen in the fog of war.

They all take a little extra effort to square away but that what sets a good instructor apart. If you rotate a few of the ITDs around the messes swapping presentations it not as much work as you might think.

You may think that this comment is unfair, however, any so called attitude stops years of reseach such as yours and mine, form ensuring that pesonnel are given guidance to start from. Without this guidance, none of us would be able to build on the blocks (however boring we may seem to be) to ensure that our soldiers can deliver the only package available to them.

In its logical conclusion, then all ITDs would be reduced to a video which would be played once a year until everyone either just laughed at it or nodded off. Not reality.

We need to ensure that we provide a package to all, that ensures that all personnel, not only react to it but take if forward for the rest of their careers at every opportunity.

If your Sqn doesn't hold the ITD(A) Package for LOAC, and you have made your own based on the soldiers guide from the electronic Battle Box.

See your Training Wing. They will ensure that you are given the upmost support from your Battalion/Regiment in ensuring that you soldier are given the best training available without attitudes from others that get on your goat.

Again it is held in ITD(A)

Believe me you will think aahhhh, when you see it. Maybe not to your agreement, but its the one authority within regulations that annual training is based on.
See your training wing? Ha ha ha ha ha
When it comes down to the real thing, do what your head tells you - and not the bl**^dy books or presentations. You get one chance. You can listen to everything that people tell you but as long as you have your white card and you understand it, know you are right - you have got it sorted.
1. Give them a blank white card and ask them to make their own up
2. Get them printed for the Regt.
3. Ask question on the card.
4. All pass ITD.

Mr Happy

For variation I've got the yellow, blue (Op. Resolute) and green (Op. Lode Star) engagement cards floating around. If you PM me I'll get 'em to you via your unit. The Blue and green are doozy's.

"Peace keeping my arrse, this needs peace implementation.".
It takes a Medic to understand LOAC...

... and ye, it is tediously boring sittin thru the same old same old year after year.

PM me and i'll send ya a copy of my presentation matey - the more presentations you get, you can cut and paste to your hearts delight :wink:

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