Discussion in 'Sappers' started by trojan1, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. Looks like i am getting posted back 2 sunny Germany again,what is the score with the LOA? is it a rumour that it is being scrapped? can anyone shed any light on this matter?
  2. Not scrapped but has been reviewed and some cuts I think.
  3. Wash your mouth out, Chindit! They are "adjustments" due to changes in the underlying shopping basket! :lol:

  4. reduced- find the links on Army Net!!
  5. reduced, so that they may pay orificers far more money which they obviously deserve
  6. How big of a change are we talking?
    Germany is cheap as chips anyway
  7. no longer out there but speak/email mates regular & they say its nowhere near as good financially as it used to be.

    sorry can't quote figures.
  8. So you obviously live there then?
  9. Nope country next door, but I have done and wouldn't say no if I had the chance to live there again.
  10. But, you are not military and work for a US Compnay in Holland - so you clearly have agreat understanding of what LOA is and isn't then?
  11. There was a 20% reduction recently. Ring your pay office to get the rates.
  12. Yes I do. Pads brat and spent most of my youth in Germany. Old man had a senior rank so I knew a hell of a lot as a kid.
  13. Not exactly current though unless you are still serving there are you. don't forget 2 years is a long time!
  14. Could be worse you could be going to warminster as a stripey
  15. Seems to me like you got your answer now mate.