LOA trashed The final Morale Straw?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Outstanding, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. With an effective cut of £10 a day in pay and an overall reduction to the status of Cpl for all OR ranks above, on top of the rising costs of life in europe, costs of travel back to UK and cuts in CEA, morale is pretty much crushed.

    Add to that suggestions that further Defence cuts will further reduce our fighting capability and possible reduce our operational effectiveness against Terry T, and that there are no funds to mainatin the quarters or accomdoation blocks and you can see a prety depressed bunch of soldiers in Hohne.

    The beer better not run out!!
  2. It has happened before in the 80s. A single RSM went down to 11p per day. IIRC the CO of 17/21L resigned over it.
  3. He won't this time, there are no jobs outside!!
  4. Can you clarify this bit for me please:

    I believe that life will just tick on as usual, this sort of shit has happened before and the army has survived.
  5. If this proves to be a permanent measure, and the MoD Budget remains depressed as the rest of HM Government's budgets improve when things get better, expect a lot of people to say "**** you" and leave. People can accept short term pain IF it's only short term. If it turns into a "**** the army we don't care" then people will sign off. And it will be the best who leave, not the dross who'd fail a shelf stacking test in Aldi
  6. I'm with KM on this. I think we can all sense a downturn in morale and, with the inability to properly plan our futures, many people are questioning what is going to be best in the long term.
  7. Short term people are going to stick it where the pay is, long term, as civi jobs reappear and prospects look good, people will jump......
  8. He can't, he'd already resigned, unless he rejoined and if he did the Regt merged years ago anyway!

  9. I'm not actually sure if you would need to sign off - as it's a change to your terms & conditons or service you could just walk away.
  10. Not sure allowances are part of Terms and Conditions, so cutting them does not alter much in terms of contractual obligations on both sides.
  11. Is anyone going to sign off because they've cut LOA? Honestly?

    If so then go to the Admin Office and do it. If not then man the **** up and stop whining that you've lost your cushy little bonus on top of the decent wages you already get paid.
  12. The real fear is that, after reducing the size of the Army through redundancy/natural wastage, or a combination of the two, the economy will start to pick up and those that are left will vote with their feet at the same time as recruiting starts to dry up, leaving the Army under-manned at the new, lower, level.

    It has happened before!
  13. Treat people the way you'd like to be treated ring any bells with you poxy dog ?

    Treat people with respect and be honest with them and they accept pain now for bread and butter next year, with jam soon after.

    Treat people like shit and they tend to get miffed and leave
  14. Tell you what, I would happily swap my UK based job for a Germany based one even if they cut LOA to £0 - it is still cheaper to live in Germany than the UK.
  15. I've been in 30 years, it's just same old, same old. The wheel keeps turning. It will be a bit tougher for a while, people will adapt to changes in pay, manning will change, pay will change and so we go on. If any one has fairly recently joined and they stick around for the next 20 years I imagine they'll be posting on whatever passes for the tinterweb in them days, that it's same old same old.

    Any way, me dinners ready, I'm just off for my roadkill frickadella with old potatoes scavved from the field behind my tumbledown pad.

    Impecuniously Yours

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