LOA to be cut totally in Apr 11, and 2 Bdes to be moved out of Germany

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mackemmaggot, Sep 1, 2010.

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  1. Heard on the grape vine today that LOA is supposed due to be cut totally in Apr 11 and that 2 Bdes worth of soldiers are due to move back to the UK. I'd like to know where they are going to house 2 Bdes worth of soldiers with families and the single lads and lasses? There isn't enough room in the UK now! As for the LOA being rid of totally, I can see some dramas ahead if that one comes off. Just curious if anyone else has heard any of these whispers. MM
  2. Just read what you have posted about the 2 Bdes and then think about it. Doesn't seem too clever really does it? You've answered your own point in ref to 2 Bde's moving back - where will they go ? Medical facilities? Schools? Council services? Schools? etc etc etc doesn't just happen overnight because the boy cameron says it will does it? They've been trying to crack Borona fr ******* ages and we are still here!

    Stop listening to naafi bar gossip and think for yourself
  3. Sic him tiger. Unfortunately I am off school poorly sick,, but shall return. Fighting and dancing to the Bay City Rollers once the doc gives me the magic drugs.

    JT and B and T, come on kids....... Love in the triangle and all that?
  4. Not heard this one, but as BPS666 says, they are managing to drag Borona along slowly, so I don't see any truth in it. As for the LOA thing, I really can't see that happening.
  5. I would love to know where this grape vine is because it talks utter sh!te.
  6. Alright BPS, I cannot think for myself, I'm in the Army!!! You should know thats not allowed.
  7. 2 Bdes will be moved 'el schnell' to S.Wales - loads of room on the hills for tents etc.
  8. Pity you did`nt get yourself down to William Hill 18 months ago with this insider information & ask for odds on this combination bet.
  9. Do you still think the same today ?